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10 Reasons why 200 million Americans FALSELY believe masks and gene therapy injections will SAVE them from Covid

10 Reasons why 200 million Americans FALSELY believe masks and gene therapy injections will SAVE them from Covid

(Natural News) If a person gives bad advice, over and over, at what point should the person taking all that advice stop taking it? That is the question that begs an answer at this point during the pandemic, as all the advice coming from the CDC and Fauci has been dead wrong, all along. Two solid years of bad advice that has cost trillions of dollars and millions of lives, not to mention wrecked businesses, ruined marriages and innocent children who are now maimed for life from the toxic “vaccines.”

Bad advice just keeps on coming down from the CDC, and 200 million Americans just keep on taking it

All the advice from Fauci and the CDC has been dead wrong. Lockdowns were an utter failure. Virus particles are smaller than all the masks everyone is wearing, so those are useless, plus the masks cause bacterial infections of the mouth, throat and lungs. Social distancing never worked, and it doesn’t now. The vaccines, we were all told, would stop the transmission of Covid, according to the oldest myth in the book–herd theory. That failed miserably.

It’s now the vaccinated who are catching and spreading Covid the most.

Then the CDC said the vaccines (even though they’re not even really vaccines) would keep you from getting a “severe case” of Covid, but that was wrong also. What’s worse is the vaccinated who catch Covid and check into hospitals rarely ever check out, as 84 percent of the people put on ventilators DIE within four days.

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Plus, the prescription drug of choice by doctors is Remdesivir, which is known to cause renal failure. It’s carnage piled on top of more carnage piled on top of bad advice from the CDC and falsified “emergency use” approvals of drugs and experimental vaccines ‘approved’ using falsified clinical trials, then highly recommended (forced by mandates) by the FDA. An insider whistleblower already told us that story.

Covid Pandemic NOW endemic, yet still the CDC pushes vaccines, masks, social distancing, isolationism, banning of the unvaccinated

Take a look around you when you’re at work, or the store, or (God-forbid) the allopathic doctor or hospital. Masks, masks and more masks. Homemade masks the CDC said don’t work, and people have made their own from cheap bandanas and scarves. Look at the statistics of who is checking into hospitals the most, and who has the most cases, and who dies the most from Covid, and you will see it’s the vaccinated and the previously sick. Now they are “sick” in the head, swallowed by CDC propaganda and the health ministry of the New World Order run by Big Pharma.

So, here are the top 10 reasons why 200 million Americans FALSELY believe masks and gene therapy injections will SAVE them from Covid:

  1. Mass media is hiding all the carnage caused by the clot shots.
  2. Carbon dioxide poisoning from the masks limits critical thinking and logical reasoning.
  3. Vaccines have always been falsely hailed as the “holy grail” of medicine.
  4. Extremely high levels of mercury in multi-dose flu shots causes mental disorders.
  5. People can’t believe the CDC and FDA would lie to them over something so important to human life and health safety.
  6. Patients can’t fathom that their doctors, nurses, surgeons get major funding and bonuses from treating Covid with deadly methods, including toxic vaccines, kidney decimating Remdesivir and choke-you-to-death-in-4-days-or-less ventilators.
  7. Most Americans have no understanding whatsoever about ongoing population reduction schemes, eugenics and medical plots that destroy human fertility/reproduction.
  8. All natural remedies for Covid (and everything else) are massively suppressed by all major media outlets, including websites, television, newspapers, radio, etc.
  9. Allopathic patients have Stockholm Syndrome where abused victims think positively about their abuser and captor (Big Pharma and the CDC).
  10. The Fear Factor: The media and CDC have absolutely terrified people so badly about the re-branded flu they believe if they don’t wear masks and get vaccinated they face certain death by Covid – Welcome to the Covid Con!

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