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10 Ways Russia can respond to the pipeline destruction: A 100′ tsunami awaits US cities via Putin’s underwater drone nukes

10 Ways Russia can respond to the pipeline destruction: A 100′ tsunami awaits US cities via Putin’s underwater drone nukes

(Natural News) It is beyond doubt that the Nord Stream pipelines were sabotaged by the US Navy. The Navy conducted an exercise in that exact area in July involving divers and undersea drones with the official position stating it was a training exercise for anti-terrorist warfare. In the past, simulations and training exercises have always occurred just prior to, or at the same time as a terrorist incident (the marathon bombing; 911; etc). Fake President Biden is on record, stating in a press conference in February 2022, that if Russia invaded Ukraine, that we would “end the Nord Stream Pipeline” and that “we have the means to do it”.

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The US has adopted The Wolfowitz Doctrine, since the 1990s. It goes like this: any potential competitor to US hegemony, especially “advanced industrial nations” such as Germany and Japan, must be smashed. Europe should never be allowed to form a purely European security system that would undermine NATO.”


Not Russia. They did not have to permanently damage the pipeline to shut off the gas. They could have either just turned off the compressors, or set fire to the compressor plant.

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Not Germany. They were the customer for the gas, a customer with no other vendor for the gas. German industry runs on Natural Gas, and will now shut down. Many of the plants may never be able to come back online, as the products and materials, in the manufacturing machinery, cools and hardens, breaking or plugging the pipes and valves.

Not other NATO Countries. NATO risks having Germany resign from NATO and expel the US troops. The loss of the bases would put NATO in a bad situation, and likely lead to the end of the alliance. For this reason, you can rule out every other NATO country in Europe as the saboteur.

A Third State Actor? A state that would not benefit directly, but indirectly from the fall of NATO, the loss of billions of Rubles yearly to Russia, and the confusion and finger-pointing that follows. Certainly a possibility, but who? Likely suspects would be Iran, Israel, and China.

The Bankster Cartel? No war has begun in the last 200 years without the permission and funding of one or both sides by the Bankster Cartel. Note that Russia has expelled the Rothschild Central Bank years ago. Countries without Rothschild central banks seem to get conquered and converted. Libya, under Gaddafi, did not have a Rothschild central bank, but immediately after Gaddafi was killed, the bank was established. The US invaded Libya at the orders of the Banksters. The Banksters would again profit handsomely by funding both sides in a war between the US/NATO, and Russia. The Rothschilds know of Russias great wealth of natural resources, and would profit handsomely by being their Central Banker.

Given the “Cui Bono” test, we can rule out all except the US/NATO and the Banksters. The blame and responsibility falls on them, innocent or guilty. If you doubt the power of the Banksters, check out this picture of a Rothschild poking the chest of a Royal.


Usually in a war, it is the military targets and the weapon manufacturing plants that are attacked, and not the civilian infrastructure. However, the US has been using economic warfare against our enemies for several decades. Countries have been expelled from the international payment system, SWIFT, when they fell into disfavor of the US gov’t. The US has banned individuals from having accounts in any bank which does business in dollars, or does business with a US bank. This sabotage of the Nord pipelines fits the profile, and thus is obviously another in a long series of economic attacks.

Russia, as led by Putin, does not blindly rush into altercations. Putin takes his time, weighs his options, considers the consequences, and then, at a time of his choosing, acts. Putin had several Russian navy submarines surface in the Atlantic Ocean only 15 miles off the US east coast earlier this year. The submarines were stealth running and were not known to be in the area. This was a warning to Biden that Russia could launch ballistic and cruise missiles from undetectable submarines that are mere minutes away from US targets. There would not be time to react from US forces.

If Putin decides to respond in kind, he will pick an economic target instead of an obvious military target. These are some of the options that Putin has on his short list for retaliation against the US/NATO:

1) Seaport. There are only a few seaports in the US that handle container ships in quantity. An attack with a dirty bomb of Cobalt 60 hidden inside a shipping container would make the port uninhabitable for (ten 5 year half-lives) 50 years.

Potential Economic Impact 6/10, depending upon which port is hit. NY would rate a 9/10.

2) Selling all US Treasury Bonds. Russia has already cashed out most of its T-Bills, having only about 15 Billion dollars remaining, but China has 1.2 trillion in T-Bills that they could use to flood the market and drop the value of the US Dollar.

Potential Economic Impact 2/10.

3) Export boycott. Russia can stop all exports of commodities that they mine and produce. Russia supplies 90% of the worlds palladium and Platinum, which is used in Catalytic converters. Russia supplies 100% of the worlds Titanium, used for military fighter jets. The other important exports are Coal, Oil, LNG, aluminum, rare earth metals, fertilizer.

Potential Economic Impact 4/10 overall, but 9/10 to the automotive industry.

4) Gold Reserves. Russia can reveal their large gold holdings and use it to back the Ruble or a new currency or a digital currency. This will force the US to perform and publish an audit of its gold holdings, something not done since the 1950s. This will reveal that the US gold has been replaced with many gold plated tungsten bars. This will then cause the Dollar to fall from being the worlds reserve currency. The Ruble could then become the new reserve currency.

There is over $2 trillion dollars in US currency in circulation overseas, mostly in $100 bills. That US Currency will then be converted into other currencies, and the cash will return to US banks. This will cause almost instant hyperinflation.

Potential Economic Impact: 9/10.

5) Other pipelines can be shutdown. Russia also has pipelines feeding several NATO countries, including Turkey, Greece and Italy. The oil and gas could be shutoff, placing pressure on these countries to leave NATO.

Potential Economic Impact: 4/10

6) EMP. Russia could fire off an EMP over the US. Depending upon location and strength, this will permanently destroy any electrical infrastructure or electronic device that is exposed to the EMP. The power grid substations would overload and burn. The transformers in these stations take months to build and install, and that is in a time when manufacturing supply lines are normal, With half, or most of the US power grid down, it will be a decade or two before the grid returns to present day service.

With the grid down, services such as elevators, municipal water and sewage service, fire fighters, police, traffic signals, gasoline station pumps, refrigeration, radio, TV, internet, transportation of food and fuel, and all new manufacturing of goods will cease. Any device with electronics, including automobiles, cell towers, computers, internet servers, elevators, traffic signals, and cell phones will be electronically fried. There will not be any repair or spare parts available. Welcome to the 18th century.

Potential Economic Impact ?/10

7) Cyber-attacks. Russia could engage in a cyber attack on the US internet infrastructure. There are only a few Cisco main internet servers. Taking out one or two of them would slow the internet to a crawl. Since most banking and all stock trading is conducted over the internet, any interruption in the net would result in billions, if not a trillion dollars in losses.

Potential Economic Impact: 7/10

8) Satellite killers. Satellites are vital for everyday communication both civilian and military. Russia is capable of blinding any satellite that crosses over Russia with a high powered laser. Satellites that are in geosynchronous orbit over the US could be destroyed by hunter/killer satellites.

Potential Economic Impact 7/10

9) Other undersea infrastructure. Prior to this week, undersea assets in international waters were considered off-limits for warfare. Welcome to the New Normal, where every asset is fair game. Russia is very capable of cutting and removing undersea cables. These cables are usually fibre optics, and are used for civilian and military communications. Cutting some or all of these cables in multiple places, will cripple the international communications from the US. If satellites are taken out as well, the US will be totally isolated.

Potential Economic Impact: 10/10

If Putin does not choose to respond in kind and cause economic damage, but instead up the ante and use military force, he has many choices. Russia has hypersonic weapons, and anti-ship missiles against which there is no defense. Russia has nuclear weapon capable, nuclear powered, underwater drones that can cause a 100′ tsunami to wipe out miles of a seaside city.

10) Military Action. This could involve an attack on the US, UK, or within Europe. The head of the snake is located in The City Of London, also known as “The Crown”. This is the square mile within London that is an independent country and serves as the base for the Banksters.

A cruise missile, or two or three, carrying radioactive metals, exploded over the City will make the area uninhabitable for decades, plus kill many of the population and cause cancers for the survivors. A cruise with a neutron bomb warhead will kill all living beings but leave the infrastructure unharmed. A low yield fission warhead will, of course, destroy the entire area.

There is an ancient Chinese curse that goes like this: May You Live In Interesting Times. Welcome to the most interesting time ever.

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