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15 Public Facebook Groups for Conservatives

15 Public Facebook Groups for Conservatives

What do you do when you have big news that seriously needs to go viral?

You share it on your timeline and…

you wait…

and wait…

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and wait!

4 hours later Cousin Cindy finally likes your post.

But, then again, Cousin Cindy likes everything you post. She probably didn’t even read it.

The unfortunate truth is that the people on your friends list are not even seeing what you post, at least not MOST of them.

One solution is to start networking with the millions of conservatives on Facebook who have joined public groups and let them help you spread the word.

Here are 15 good public groups that you can join today, to get started:

2020 Trump for President Group

33.245 members

The Deplorables

471,270 members

The William Tell Project

19,915 members


21,887 members


21,999 members

The Common Thread (C) – Our fight is not over!

42,982 members

Trump=Truth (c)

21,365 members


19,575 members

Conservative Lady

14,293 members


14,290 members

Andrew Breitbart- King of the New Media

13,346 members


69,455 members

Tea Parties United

10,534 members

We the People

10,120 members

Conservative Causes Connection

11,726 members

The membership numbers were current at the time of this writing.

There are 15 good Facebook groups to get you started. If you can’t find a few groups from that list, then I would say you are probably not as “conservative” as you think you are.

Please be aware that some of these groups have rules on what can or can not be posted. Please read any rules that are posted. They can usually be found in the group description.

If you are afraid of trolls then you don’t need to be posting in any Facebook groups. When you stand for something you will always face opposition.

Trolls can happen.

People will disagree even within your own ranks, but liberal trolls are a reality on Facebook or any social network. The reality is that some groups are moderated better than others, and even the best moderated groups can be overrun with trolls from time to time.

If you are thin-skinned or quick-tempered then don’t post, but you are still encouraged to join and read other people’s posts to stay informed.

Keep in mind that this is just a small sample of some larger open groups to get you started. I belong to closed and secret groups, as well as other open groups. I have built my Facebook network to the point that I can reach as many as 5 million sets of eyeballs each day through groups and a page that I manage. (Shameless plug: Please click on that link and like my page. You can unlike it later if it’s not your cup of tea.)

You don’t have to let Facebook’s lack of reach frustrate you. There are millions of people on Facebook and they are waiting to hear from you. Get in a few groups and start networking with like-minded conservatives today.

Dean Garrison is the Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry.

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