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7 SCARIEST prescription medications, according to Big Pharma’s own warnings

7 SCARIEST prescription medications, according to Big Pharma’s own warnings

(Natural News) When you think of “learning disabilities” for American children, many types come to mind, including Asperger’s syndrome, autism, and Down’s syndrome, but it may surprise you to know that there are over 6 million US kids diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) right now. Nearly 2 million of those children are on dangerous prescription drugs for it. What’s worse is the ‘diagnosis’ is very vague, and can include just about any energetic behavior, along with not paying enough “attention” to the boring, twisted curriculum. Not to mention most kids eat a boatload of high fructose corn syrup for breakfast in those kid’s cereals, beverages, breads, and snacks. No wonder they can’t sit still for hours on end. That does NOT mean they have ADD or ADHD.

Still, all these kids get jacked up with stimulants that have side effects like severe depression, and (increased) feelings of committing homicide and suicide. Doctors are told to be on the lookout when prescribing these experimental concoctions, for patient mood swings, trouble sleeping, migraine headaches, weight loss, and of course, suicidal tendencies.

That’s just the beginning of the “black box” warnings that come with these ADHD drugs, prescribed for just about any kid, anywhere, any time, without discretion.

With that in mind, here we go with the 7 scariest prescription meds slung at babies, kids, teens and adults without discretion

#1. ADHD medications – Can increase suicidal thoughts and actions in children, teens, or adults with ADHD, especially within the first few months of treatment, or when the dose gets changed

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#2. Remdesivir for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) – This drug can decimate your kidneys and cause (renal) organ failure

#3. SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) – psychotropic drugs given for anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder. Causes (increase of) suicidal thoughts and homicidal thoughts – often the culprit in mass shootings

#4. Cholesterol Medications

#5. Blood Thinners

#6. Oral Chemotherapy

#7. Paxlovid – Pfizer’s “anti-viral” pill – causes rebound of COVID-19 infection

Even when “taken as directed,” these prescription drugs are still much more dangerous than the conditions they are intended to treat

Imagine going to the hospital because you catch a light case of COVID-19, and the doctors, just to be “safe,” put you on prescription Remdesivir, and your kidneys begin failing. Then you realize that you were never even informed that this event is quite common with the drug, and everyone seems to know that fact, but you.

Then there is Paxlovid – Pfizer’s so-called “anti-viral” pill that literally CAUSES a rebound of COVID-19 infection. The CDC itself warns that you could see symptoms “reappear two to eight days after finishing the treatment and testing negative.

How do you like them apples? Rotten to the core. That’s the medical, industrial complex in America literally getting away with murder, and right out in the open. That means that while “managing your risk for severe disease,” the medical doctors are prescribing a drug that puts you at HIGH RISK for severe disease, per their own descriptions of COVID-19 under the lab-concocted, gain-of-function, bat-to-human-jumping, Fauci-and-Pfizer-funded Wuhan Flu. Next comes “monkeypox” prescriptions to protect all Americans from the sex-with-monkeys-anal-warts-human-orgy-syndrome.

Don’t even get started with all these blood thinners, where just about any light bump or bruise to the patient can lead to internal bleeding, which can quickly lead to death. Blood thinner makes the good rat poison, and once the M.I.C. doctors (medical, industrial complex corporate drug dealers) put their patients on these nightmare drugs, they rarely, if ever, let them come off them again.

Lastly, if chemotherapy scares the living hell out of you, it should. Whether taken by “drip” or orally, this is nothing more than a slow walk into the “gas chambers,” where the chemo itself causes new cancers to form and attack with a vengeance. Scientists have known this since as early as it was created, back in the 1950s and 60s.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on other drugs that maim and kill humans for no good reason.

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