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8000 Mayo Clinic Employees To Be Fired For Refusing COVID-19 Shots – Hundreds Take To The Street In Protest (Video)

8000 Mayo Clinic Employees To Be Fired For Refusing COVID-19 Shots – Hundreds Take To The Street In Protest (Video)

An internal memo sent to “unvaccinated” employees declared that Mayo Clinic employees may be at risk, which we all know means “will,” of losing their jobs.

Take a look.

Mayo Clinic confirmed to the local television outlet above that employee are mandated, remember that is not law but rather a social contract so if you don’t do it there is no power in the mandate, to take the deadly shot by the start of the year or risk losing their job.

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Now, more than 8,000 employees have until January 3, 2022 to tell Mayo where they can stick their needles and defy Mayo Clinic’s tyranny.

The memo, without any evidence at all (in fact, the evidence is overwhelmingly against the statement), declares that this mandate is to “protect everyone’s safety.”

Of course, Mayo Clinic goes right along with the unlawful narrative of the White House issuing executive orders of “anticipated federal requirements.”

TRENDING: CDC Scientist Admits Data of Vaccines and Autism Was Trashed

There is no executive order that is lawful to mandate this practice. Furthermore, the US Constitution provides ZERO authority for the federal government to demand Mayo Clinic, or any other business, mandate shots for employees or fire them.

Check out the video and notice that hundreds of employees took to the streets of Rochester to protest.

Protest, yes! Stand and fight! Make them fire you, and then take them to court and sue them out of business! Own them, don’t settle for anything but complete and utter surrender to liberty rather than tyranny from the Mayo Clinic.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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