Tuesday, November 28th, 2023

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A calendar of FIVE important events this week: Election night coverage, Democrat civil war, preparedness supplies availability and docu-series launch

A calendar of FIVE important events this week: Election night coverage, Democrat civil war, preparedness supplies availability and docu-series launch

(Natural News) There are at least five notable things happening this week that are worth paying attention:

Tuesday, Nov. 8th – Election Day

Make absolutely sure you go vote in person on Election Day. In fact, voting on Election Day is better than voting by mail or voting early because voting on Election Day makes it more difficult for Dems to cheat. It’s critical to overwhelm the cheating effort in real time so that their vote rigging algorithms can’t keep up (which is exactly how the Dems got defeated in 2016 when Trump got elected).

Make sure to vote against all Democrats because the Democrat party has become: 1) The party of grooming and pedophilia. 2) The party of censorship and oppression. 3) The pro-war part trying to start nuclear war. 4) The party of food inflation, sky-high fuel prices and escalating debt. 5) The party of intolerance, racism, anti-white hatred and discrimination against Asians, Christians, Hispanics, Blacks and now even gays.

Tuesday, Nov. 8th – Brighteon.TV election evening coverage featuring Dr. John Diamond, Alan Keyes, Jeffrey Prather and many others

Beginning at 6 pm Eastern on Election Day, Brighteon.TV will be offering live coverage of election results. Hosted by Dr. John Diamond, this coverage will include Dr. Alan Keyes, Jeffrey Prather and myself, among many other guests. We will provide live coverage through the evening, ending at 11pm Eastern (that’s the current plan).

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Notably, several other independent media broadcasters are also covering Election Day results. This includes:

– Brannon Howse from Worldview Report: WorldViewWeekend.com/live

– Alex Jones and the InfoWars team at Infowars.com or Banned.video

Wednesday, Nov. 9th – Democrat “Civil War” begins

On Wednesday, prepare to witness the “Democrat civil war” unfold as the finger pointing blame game begins for the disastrous results of the election. Watch for fierce behind-the-scenes battles between the Pelosi camp (blamed for being too mainstream and not radical enough) and the AOC camp (blamed for being too radical and offending moderate Democrats), along with plenty of condemnation heaped on Biden and his handlers for operating a zombie president who lacks any semblance of cognitive function.

The best part of this will be watching Democrats double down on stupid as they refuse to listen to the very clear messages voters are telling them: 1) Drop the pedophilia, transgenderism nonsense and child grooming lunacy. 2) Stop shutting down energy infrastructure and make gas affordable again. 3) Make food affordable again. 4) End the censorship tyranny and authoritarian thought police scheme that seeks to silence all dissenting views.

Predictably, Democrats will reject what voters are demanding and, instead, will claim Republicans are trying to destroy democracy and murder children (which, ironically, is exactly what Democrats are doing…).

Wednesday, Nov. 9th – Propaganda Exposed Uncensored Edition begins

Also on Wednesday, the first episode of the new, expanded Propagand Exposed Uncensored Edition goes live. This is a free-to-watch, nine-part docu-series featuring dozens of top experts sounding off about the covid conspiracy, vaccine injuries, psychological terrorism by the media and much more.

Register to watch the entire series for free at www.TheTruthAboutCancer.us

You can optionally purchase digital downloads or thumb drives with the full program. Any earnings we receive from affiliate revenues are now 100% pledged to purchasing and distributing food for America’s hungry families. The food shipments begin in January, and we will publicly detail the total dollar amount purchased and where it’s being shipped to be distributed through ministries, food banks or other groups that help feed the hungry across America. See more details in this earlier announcement.

Thursday, Nov. 10th – Health Ranger Store Early Black Friday Event begins – with Ranger Buckets back in stock

On Thursday, we will finally have “Ranger Buckets” back in stock at HealthRangerStore.com. These are certified organic, lab tested long-term storable food buckets that are nitrogen flooded, then vacuum sealed in heavy-duty long-term storage “bricks” which are then stacked into rugged buckets for long-term storage.

These typically sell out within 2-3 hours of them going back into inventory, but this time, as part of our Early Black Friday Event (which also begins on the same day), we hope to be able to keep these buckets in stock for 1-2 days. So you will likely be able to purchase them on Thursday or Friday, and they ship out immediately, since we have them all in stock.

Importantly, this is the last time we can keep the price at the current level due to rapid increases in the price of food materials. For the next production lot after this one, the price will go up. So this is the best price you’ll see for years to come on lab-tested, organic storable food.

Bonus item: Saturday, Nov 12th – Brighteon Autism Conference replay

As a bonus item that may interest you, we are also replying the Brighteon TV Autism Conference next Saturday on the Brighteon.TV live streaming channel. This autism conference took place yesterday, and since we didn’t have much time to publicize it beforehand, we want to re-run it next Saturday.

It’s a free event that begins at 10 am Eastern, with no registration required. Just go to Brighteon.TV and click on the Live Event live stream to tune in.

Also, don’t forget that we have new shows each day at:



Brighteon.TV en español

Get ready for an exciting week! Watch this website for more details as events unfold.

God bless America.


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