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ABSURD: Dallas enacts new policy allowing employees to be FIRED for “misgendering”

ABSURD: Dallas enacts new policy allowing employees to be FIRED for “misgendering”

(Natural News) City employees in Dallas who fail to use a person’s “preferred pronouns” can now be terminated from their jobs thanks to new rules put forth by the Dallas City Council.

The “Workplace Gender Transition Protocols & FAQ” or “toolkit,” as they are calling it, claims that there are many different ways in which a person can choose to identify as a “transgender.”

“Transition may include ‘coming out’ (telling family, friends, and coworkers), changing the name and / or sex on legal documents, and / or accessing medical treatment such as hormones and / or surgery,” it states.

This “coming out” caveat means that even if a male who still looks male in every way suddenly decides to self-identify as a “female,” everyone else around this person must refer to the male as “female” or else face repercussions and punishment.

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The new guidelines stipulate that all city employees are “expected to respectfully use the transitioning employee’s preferred name and pronouns, regardless of whether or not they ‘believe in,’ approve of, or accept an individual’s right to be transgender or undergo a gender transition.”

Put another way, all Dallas city employees must now abide by the every-changing religious doctrines of the Cult of LGBT or else face blatant discrimination in the form of firing. So much for separation of church and state, eh?

(Related: Remember last summer when the Associated Press [AP] created a special “topical guide” for its writers to abide by gender pronouns and other trans rules?)

Transgenders to decide how “offenders” in Dallas will be punished for “misgendering”

Missing from the documents is any clarification as to what other kinds of punishments are to be levied against violators other than termination. It is apparently up to transgenders themselves to decide how their “offenders” will be punished.

“Because, as we know, LGBTQ ideologues are never irrational or vindictive,” joked Catherine Salgado, writing for PJ Media. “What could go wrong?”

Further, the documents written by the Dallas City Council state that transgenders and other LGBTs have the “right” to identify as anything they wish or dream up, as well as force the people around them to play their silly little pronoun games.

“Notice that leftists usually define ‘rights’ for one group as depriving another group of their ‘rights,’” Salgado writes. “For them, freedom is a zero-sum game, where my freedom can only increase if yours decreases.”

Refusing to call someone by some made-up gender pronoun of choice is now considered to be “discrimination and harassment” in Dallas. Punishments range from just about anything to full termination, as previously explained.

When asked if there are any exemptions on the books for people with opposing religious beliefs, Dallas responded back with a canned answer stating that the city “prohibits discrimination and harassment of employees based on a protected category including race, color, age, religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic characteristics, national origin, disability, and military or veteran status.”

On the flip side, Dallas also still claims to be a “safe and welcoming place for all residents and employees” – except for devout Christians, Jews, and Muslims, apparently, all of whose religious beliefs do not accept bodily and hormonal mutilation in the form of transgenderism as being normal or right.

These new discriminatory rules in Dallas are really no different than segregation of the past when things like “No Irish Need Apply” were the norm. Now, instead of the Irish being targets, it is Christians, Jews, Muslims, and really any normal-thinking person who recognizes that ‘fluid gender’ is mental illness masquerading as an “identity.”

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