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According to the discredited vaccine industry, sports referee WHISTLES the cause behind heart problems in perfectly healthy athletes

According to the discredited vaccine industry, sports referee WHISTLES the cause behind heart problems in perfectly healthy athletes

(Natural News) If you play sports or even attend live sports games and matches, you may want to wear some ear plugs from now on. Otherwise, you might come down with a case of RWS, also known as referee whistle syndrome, where that loud, sharp sound causes your heart to stress out so badly you could have a heart attack and die, according to fake mainstream media (MSM) news and vaccine industry “experts.”

Just ignore the fact that all of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine manufacturers were forced to put warnings on their clot shots that the jabs can cause myocarditis, blood clots and irregular heartbeats.

Referee Whistle Syndrome now sweeping the globe, coincidentally right after athletes get “vaccinated” for COVID-19

It’s time to ban all whistles worldwide in order to save perfectly healthy people from having sudden heart attacks from high-pitched, airy sounds. It may also become illegal soon to whistle with your mouth or through your fingers, since this could also cause people’s hearts to speed up or experience myocardial infarction.

Newspapers around the world, including the Irish Examiner, are warning everyone about RWS, a dangerous new condition where referee whistles endanger the human heart. It’s important, as the media points out, not to blame the COVID vaccines for this condition, even if you just got a clot shot and are experiencing blood clots, myocarditis, and your doctor is now telling you that you need a pacemaker.

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Military members around the world should also inform their superiors not to use whistles during basic training, as this could make everyone drop dead from heart attacks, according to fake news and the vaccine industry. Sports fans around the world should consider wearing ear muffs or ear plugs to avoid heart problems from whistles, even though this has never been a problem before in the history of the world.

Even BBC news is warning people not to breathe too much or they might have a heart attack. Maybe it’s the referee whistles that are making sports fans and athletes so excited that they take too many breaths and it causes the heart to beat irregularly and blood to suddenly clot. So now, anyone in the vicinity of a referee whistle should wear ear plugs and count how many breaths they take per minute, in order to protect their heart from damage, according to the vaccine-damage-cover-up mass media outlets.

MSM: All referee-whistle-caused heart problems are “non-vaccine related,” and anyone who says otherwise is spreading misinformation like a medical terrorist

The Department of Homeland Security is backing the campaign against “misinformation” with flying colors.

Any American caught disagreeing with any mainstream news narrative is guilty of spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation, making them “threat actors” who “sow discord and undermine public trust in government institutions,” and thus inspiring violence, mass casualty attacks, domestic terrorism and anything else the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can conjure up for the world’s stage (fake news).

So, if you feel inclined to blame vaccines for the very “side effects” they warn you about on the inserts, then you are a domestic medical terrorist.

Do referee whistles hurt your ears? Do they startle you? You might be suffering from RWS, which could give you blood clots or a heart attack, according to the real misinformation specialists in the mainstream media. Or, you may just have a severe case of tinnitus, due to the severe inflammation caused by toxic prion injections. If you dare blame the COVID vaccine that warns about blood clots and myocarditis, then DHS might lock you up for “undermining public trust in government institutions,” namely the CDC and FDA. Be mindful. This is worth careful consideration.

In summary, the vaccine industry is obviously covering up for damage done to the heart and blood by the COVID vaccines, and anything they can think of to blame is fodder, including breathing too much and hearing the referee blow his sports whistle a lot.

Don’t forget to bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental scamdemic COVID “vaccines” and “boosters” that cause blood clots and other horrific side effects. Oh, and avoid those loud referee whistles whenever possible.

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