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After killing off labor pool with depopulation vaccines, several U.S. states now want to ramp up CHILD LABOR to fill gap

After killing off labor pool with depopulation vaccines, several U.S. states now want to ramp up CHILD LABOR to fill gap

(Natural News) Rather than offer their adult workers higher pay and better working conditions, some American companies looking to boost output while cutting costs are resorting to child labor.

Republican lawmakers in numerous states want working class eligibility to include children between the ages of 14-17, including in Iowa and Minnesota where legislation was introduced to legalize child labor.

Excess deaths caused by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” have left a void in the American labor market, which Republicans say can be ramped back up to pre-scamdemic levels by pushing more underage children into the workforce.

Minnesota reportedly lost 90,000 workers during the plandemic, rendering it one of the tightest labor markets in the country. Iowa is not faring much better with 75,000 open jobs as of December.

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If children are allowed to work in both of these states, then employers will be protected “from liabilities due to sickness or accidents.” This will boost specific industry sectors such as construction and meatpacking.

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Hiring children generates higher profits for corporate fat cats

In January, the federal government also created a new rule allowing people who wish to obtain their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in order to drive trucks professionally to start at age 18 instead of 21.

According to reports, this change was made because “the head of the American Trucking Associations said the industry needed about 80,000 more drivers.”

Safety advocates were quick to call out the initiative, warning that inexperienced drivers could put the public at risk. Some say the East Palestine train derailment disaster is proof of this, though it remains unknown the ages of those responsible for that wreck.

Deregulation and loss of workers’ rights across the railroad industry are definitely to blame for East Palestine, though. Not only were workers at Norfolk Southern demanding higher pay and sick leave, but they also petitioned for more modern braking equipment, which probably would have prevented the train from derailing.

Republican lawmakers are little concerned with all that, though. They are more focused on filling in all the labor holes so their corporate sponsors can keep their profits high – even at the expense of children’s lives.

A 2017 Pew Research article noted that America’s youth demographic continues to get the shaft, economically speaking. Compared to those in other developed countries, young people in the United States lag behind, educationally speaking, leaving them with fewer opportunities for advancement in society.

“If the U.S. economy has any hope of surviving in the future in its current iteration, and as an innovation powerhouse, it needs its students to perform better in subjects like math and science,” reported RT.

“Keeping students in the classroom and doing their homework, and not participating in the workforce, is a key component to improvement in this area.”

Republican lawmakers feel differently. They want children as young as 16 to be able to work dangerous construction jobs in states like Minnesota that have harsh winters. They also want children filling the state’s meatpacking plants so the corporate fat cats at companies like Tyson Foods can up their bonuses.

“This is just another example of the abject moral depravity of corporate America and its ability to exploit each and every American for every drop of profit it can muster,” RT says.

“If these bills are indeed passed, it will usher in a cascade of similar legislation in Republican-led states across the country, and show, once again, how useless American ‘democracy’ is. Politicians are bought and paid for by employers and their lobbyists, as demonstrated by the Iowa and Minnesota bills.”

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