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Americans Are Witnessing Mob Rule – How’s That Working Out?

Americans Are Witnessing Mob Rule – How’s That Working Out?

Caring for a family member recuperating from knee surgery, along with assuming their duties, has left little time for anything except sleep. But, as this family member gets better, a little time is being gleaned to become reacquainted with current events. It has been no surprise that protests, violence, rioting and looting have continued throughout America’s cities and towns. Once again, these events are based upon a lie – a thug is portrayed as an upstanding citizen while resisting arrest. George Floyd, the thug in this scenario, did not deserve to die at the hands of a police officer(s); but, the man does not deserve the accolades he’s been given nor do the individuals and businesses of this country deserve the outpouring of rampant violence that has beset the country.

As weeks have passed, local government officials are supporting this lawlessness and caving to unreasonable demands. In some cases, local government officials act to appease the lawless before the violence occurs, particularly, with removal of statues and monuments some of the population find offensive. These would be statues and monuments of white males who served the Confederate States of America against an aggressive “United” States of America who opposed “States’ rights” and equality of taxation of all States and white male abolitionists.

We know that the “victors” of all conflicts write history, which the “United” States of America did well to hide the atrocities of Abraham Lincoln when it came to his violations of the Constitution. The “United” States of America hid its part in the perpetuation of slavery, its engagement in slavery and the slave trade, and its unfair taxation against the Confederate States. The Confederate States of America never sought to engage in insurrection against the union government. Instead, these States chose to leave a voluntary union to form a government more likely to ensure its safety and happiness – a right afforded to all people who find government oppressive.

Lincoln’s admiration of Karl Marx and their exchange of letters was also hidden because it did not fit the narrative and need to portray Lincoln as the “savior” of the union. In fact, Lincoln was a closet Marxist, who wanted a “mandatory” union, which goes against the right of the people to throw off and abolish a government that engages in oppression. Most of the people protesting, rioting, vandalizing, and looting does not know that Lincoln mandated that all “new” States entering the union had to be “free” States – States without slavery. Other States argued this encroached upon the sovereign State to choose its own destiny – to allow or disallow slavery. In other words, the issue was States’ rights.

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Moreover, the northern States, through their majority in Congress, had placed unfair and burdensome taxes upon goods purchased mainly by those in Southern States – it was a 40 percent federal sales tax on imports to the southern States. No one denies that slavery was a factor in the “War of Northern Aggression” or “The War to Enslave the States”; however, slavery was on the wane. It was Lincoln’s support of a “protective tariff” disparaging to southern States that became the main issue – he used the power of the federal government to benefit specific industries in northern States. The “tariffs” collected from the southern States was mostly spent in northern State, granted to projects Lincoln favored. But, all of this is out in the public domain for anyone who wishes to educate themselves of the entire history. It only takes an internet search to find it.

The men who fought and died on both sides of the “War to Enslave the States” deserve the honor they have been given through monuments and erections of statues because these men, in the spirit of the founding fathers, fought, bled and in some cases died for their dedication to their beliefs and convictions. It wasn’t the continuation of slavery these men fought, bled and died for on the confederate side; it was the unconstitutional acts of an overreaching federal government and Marxist ideology holding president. This same Marxist ideological holding president actively sought to deny people a fundamental right cited in the Declaration of Independence. Those who cannot see this are truly in need of education.

As monuments and statues are being destroyed by an uncontrollable mob, the common denominator among all the statues and monuments are white males. A statue dedicated to an avid abolitionist was destroyed only because of being white and male. In what can be described as a “proactive” move, many city governments have decided to voluntarily remove these statues and monuments. What does that say? This isn’t about statues, monuments and honor given to confederate soldiers and officers. This is about eradication of everything concerning the history of the united States of America in order to replace it with God only knows what, if anything. More than likely, Americans will see the development of some type of tribal nationalism.

Well, if you suffer from confusion over what “mob rule” is, then, the current state of some of this country’s cities should clear that confusion for you. The “mob”, which has determined what is “good” and “bad” when it comes to statues and monuments, have maneuvered local government officials to remove “voluntarily” what the “mob” finds offensive. There has been no vote by the people – only a response to the violence or threat of violence of a mob. This mob has threatened government officials with more of the same if their demands are not met. This includes but is not limited to the dissolution of law enforcement everywhere. To add insult to injury, many local government officials are supporting the “mob” and its perpetration of violence, including defunding law enforcement agencies. All of this over the unfortunate death of a criminal thug who resisted arrest.

How many of you voted for this? The answer is no one. Not one individual in America voted for violence, the support of violence, and/or lawlessness. Yet, that is what government officials are willing to give the public because of the “mob” voice. Yes, this is mob rule – the foundation of democracy, which isn’t always the majority ruling. It is the loud, angry mob threatening chaos and violence. And, government officials are willing to expose the general public to more crimes by dismantling police departments. All the while, these government officials will hire private security, paid for with your tax dollars, to protect them from harm as they increase the risk of harm to the public. How’s that working out for you?

Granted, there are a lot of bad law enforcement officers out there committing atrocities that good law enforcement officers do not speak out against. There are countless number of law enforcement officers who refuse to uphold their oath to defend, protect and uphold the Constitution. But, there are law enforcement officers who do, but stop at a certain point. And, as local government officials go overboard to appease the “mob” by egregiously charging law enforcement officers with murder, who have acted justifiably, countless law enforcement officers walk off in support of their colleagues. Local government officials couldn’t care less. How many of you voted for this? How’s “mob rule” working for you?

As State and local officials have infringed on the God-given individual unalienable rights of all Americans because of a “severe influenza virus”, protestors/rioters/mobsters are not restricted at all. While millions of Americans have been prevented from attending church services under threat of fine and/or imprisonment, protestors/rioters/mobsters are encouraged in their endeavors. As State and local officials begin to implement “contact tracing” because of the COVID bug, protestors/rioters/mobsters are immune from being asked about their “protest” activities. As freedom of speech and dissemination of truthful information about coronavirus are censored by social media “platforms”, constitutional positions scrubbed from “platforms” owned and operated by big technology, and any dissent against these violent mobs are “cleansed”, protestors/rioters/mobsters and their supporters are given free speech “privilege”, which can include threats of violence. In some cities, non-white individuals are exempt from wearing masks and social distancing.

Think about the utter display of hypocrisy by government officials – Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and their supporters, along with other radical anti-American groups can gather in large groups with government officials’ support and not be concerned about the “increase in coronavirus cases”. These groups engaging in violence, vandalism, theft and assaults are considered peaceful, meaningful, and have legitimate grievances that need redress. Yet, American individuals who gather in large groups to sway government officials to ease up coronavirus restrictions so they can go back to work are accuses by these same officials as “spreading the coronavirus”. In contrast, these Americans, who only want businesses open to resume working, do not engage in criminal behavior, and show respect to public and private property are considered “domestic terrorists” deserving of punishment by these same officials.

How’s equality working for you under “mob rule”? Well, it isn’t. Did any of you vote for any of this? Since there has been no special election for public position on any of this in any State or locality in America, the answer is no. Yet, here we are.

Even more disgusting and repulsive is watching Americans take a knee to anyone other than God, The Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Ghost. Why are some Americans so willing to kneel to a man yet refuse to kneel in humility at the feet of the Savior of mankind? No man will save you – only Jesus Christ can do that. What man will do is perpetrate evil upon those who are willing to accept it. And, right now, it seems many Americans are willing to accept it.

Virtue signaling Americans are supporting the removal of historical monuments. Why? History, good and bad, should be remembered so all know what has been sacrificed for this nation to be where it is today. We should honor those who were courageous enough to stand, fight and sometimes die for what they believe. Confederate officers and soldiers were not all evil; and, union officers and soldiers were not all just/righteous. All of history should be saved and taught so current and future generations do not make the same mistakes, choosing to uphold what is just, righteous, and constitutional. Virtue signaling Americans are just hoping to be eaten last by the crocodile that is the “unvirtuous mob”.

These protestors/rioters/mobsters and government officials are engaging in evil. Ignorant Americans kneel to it, apologize for it, and make excuses for it. And yet, it continues in full force and is escalating. All that appeasement is doing nothing but fueling the fire. As we’ve always heard, “give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile”. Well, these mobsters are not content with “the mile”; they want the sun, moon, and stars with everyone else under their feet to oppress and abuse.

How’s that “mob rule” working for you? There is no lawfulness under “mob rule”. There is no equality. There is no freedom. Americans are “hunkered down” in their homes, avoiding these areas where protestors/rioters/mobsters have gathered, in hopes of riding out the wave with as little backlash as possible. Businesses are being destroyed physically and monetarily, with many leaving these lawless areas and cities. The “mob” is in control and through their evil, they have taken America hostage and engaged in insurrection against the people. The people do nothing.

Representatives of the people do nothing. Where are the Republicans in all of this? More than likely in their offices hiding behind/under their desks asking staff members if this is over yet.

If you wondered what “mob rule” truly is, this is it. It doesn’t just mean a majority rule. It can mean a rule of the minority who are willing to engage in violence, vandalism, theft, and lawlessness in order to push toward their ideology to the exclusion of all else, whether bad or evil. And, it takes a group of complicit people seeking to appease the angry, unruly, lawless mob in the hopes they will not be targeted or will be targeted last. In the meantime, all others are being sold down the river without their consent.

But, the joke is really on the mobs of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and those who have joined their ranks. The companies supporting these groups and lawless mobs are rich, white men who seek to control everyone. The money given to Black Lives Matter and the associated groups are going to fund rich white Democratic candidates who have been in office 30 or more years. These same rich white Democrats holding office for 30 or more years have done nothing to help any group of Americans – they only help themselves, using anyone and everyone to secure their position and achieve their personal goals. Once a group is “used” for all they are worth, these rich white Democrat leeches move on to the next group, throwing away the previous “useful idiots” like trash. Of course, Republicans are no different – they work in a different manner.

Bottom line – politicians have to keep the “paradigm” in play so Americans will not turn on them. Better for Americans to fight each other, according to politicians, than wake up to discover what they have been doing all along – enriching themselves on the backs of working Americans. It doesn’t matter whether it is “right/left”, “black/white”, “rich/poor”, “Democrat/Republican”, “lawfulness/lawlessness”, “justice/injustice”, or any other division – it’s a ploy to keep Americans as their “slaves” so Americans do not rise up against their evil doings.

Now, it’s “mob rule” in some areas of the nation, which the political ruling class support and appease in order to further their agenda. Uneducated, virtue signaling, and ignorant Americans are falling for it. And, these “mobsters” are only wanting something for nothing, aka wealth redistribution for a contrived injury. To think, the political ruling class, the wealthy elite, and multibillion-dollar corporate CEOs are willing to allow murder, theft, rape, assault, and other crimes against the public to occur with impunity for an agenda.

So, again, how is all of this working for you? You know the old adage: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me”. Unfortunately, Americans are now working on their eighth, ninth, and tenth shocking go around. How many times are you willing to be fooled and left dealing with minoritarianism rule? Don’t you think it’s time to confront the schoolyard bullies?

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.


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