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Americans one crisis away from starvation – The odds of this many food supply chain issues happening at once are so astronomical as to be impossible… Unless by design

Americans one crisis away from starvation – The odds of this many food supply chain issues happening at once are so astronomical as to be impossible… Unless by design

(Natural News) ANP received the following email a little over a week ago, and I have spent time researching the issue, which is meat prices, how they continue to rise and how a “surge” is expected, which experts are predicting will last years.

(Article by Susan Duclos republished from

Yes, years. Not counting how they have already “surged” over the course of the last two years, we are now being warned that another spike is expected, which we will get into below the email sent to ANP.

The name of the town and reader has been redacted at the request of the reader, although ANP is aware of both we certainly do not want readers willing to share what they know to lose their livelihoods just because they want to warn Americans of what is truly happening.

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I am the grocery manager at Walmart in [City Redacted], Montana

Regular family chicken breast pack was $1.98# in Jan 22, now $3.42 # – this a 73% increase !

Large family pack of 5 dozen large eggs – was #8.98 on 1st Jan 22 – now $16.49 ea – this is an 83 % increase in 6 months !

There are hundreds of similar examples. Many packaged products have doubled in price in the last 6 months.

We are changing HUNDREDS of grocery items up every day !! No exaggeration !

I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime.

Thank you for helping get the word out to families to prepare what they can now, while they have a chance.

The truth of her assertions come from recent reports, from a variety of different sources, not only regarding chicken and eggs, but a large number of other products. Meat has seen the most prominent price spikes and new reports show it is about to get worse, and stay that way.

Shoppers are aware from the bill at the check out line that food prices have skyrocketed over the last two years, but the percentages are shocking. Since our reader email speaks to Walmart, we’ll start there.

On August 16, 2022, ZeroHedge published a piece stating “Walmart Grocery Prices Increased By 21.5% Between July 2019 and July 2022.” Those are just averages as many foods saw higher increases that others, and meat is one of the highest of all as of now.

Below are just a couple of their graphs, showing the differences from 2019 to 2022:

The ZeroHedge links has more graphs showing the price differences in produce, condiments and beverages, so check it out.

The reader image below is also from a Walmart, in Tacoma, showing practically empty peanut butter shelves.

New York Post headlines with “Beef prices are poised for a surge that could last years, experts say.

In response, ranchers have been forced to sell their animals early, thinning the numbers of older cows. By some estimates, US beef-producing cattle herds could be slashed by up to 20% if the ranching industry gets rid of its older, calf-producing cows.

“The implications of fewer cows giving birth to calves are that over the next few years there will be higher beef prices,” said Peter Bozzo, vice president of Chef’s Warehouse, a food purveyor to high-end restaurants.

The Hill reports the same issue for Texas ranchers where drought has them facing an “existential crisis,” as the “Megadrought in the Western U.S., the region’s worst in 1,200 years, is threatening America’s cattle heartland.”

Fox News reports “Meat prices could soar even more due to drought,” where a “California rancher explains number of cattle in US reduced ‘significantly’.”

To offer a visual of how critically severe this issue is across the U.S., a drought map, updated on August 18, 2022, from is shown below.

The reports are one thing, but the visual of how widespread this “megadrought” is should hammer the point home. Meat prices will continue to surge and we are looking at a long-term problem with no end nor solution in sight.

This is also affecting produce farming, but meat is where the price spikes are being felt the most to American consumers.

We have preppers at ANP that have been preparing for a different number of possibilities, whether a disastrous weather event, an EMP, terror attack, or any other catastrophe that would make it impossible to obtain fresh supplies.


What wasn’t expected, even by the most advanced preppers is the present day confluence of events, from over 100 food processing plants being destroyed, an unprecedented amount of food recalls, the pandemic lockdowns which caused ranchers and farmers to destroy their crops and euthanize their livestock in 2020, the Russia/Ukraine war, and a megadrought.

Never before has our nation faced such attacks against our food supply, and the odds of all these events happening in rapid succession and/or at once are so astronomical as to be impossible…unless it is by design.

Control the food, control the people, right?

At this point in time, many Americans are just one crisis away from total starvation. Fortunately for those that have been preparing to survive through any type of disaster that befalls them, the majority of Americans would starve within weeks if they could no longer get food.

Right now there are shortages of this in one state, shortages of that in another, with only certain items showing shortages across the board, such as peanut butter, pasta, certain oils, etc…. but the price hikes and spikes and surges have already left many forced to the “breadlines” aka food banks and free food giveaways.

What happens to them, and the rest of the non-preppers when prices double, or triple for meats and other proteins, canned goods, produce and eggs and dairy?

Even some who have prepped with emergency survival food are going to feel the pain because many made sure they had months, or even a year of food, yet now we are told the issues will go on for years, as in plural, and no one truly knows how many years we are looking at.

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