America’s first non-binary person renounces transgenderism, says, “I have always been male”

(Natural News) The man who holds the title as the first in the United States to ever legally identify as “neither” in terms of his official gender status has since come forward to reveal that so-called “non-binary” gender identification is a total fraud, and that he’s “always been male.”

Jamie Shupe of Oregon has essentially had a 180-degree change of heart since the time he battled the courts, and won, to embrace “transgenderism” on his official government documents. But now Shupe says that he’s “renounced all ties to transgenderism,” referring to the transgender movement as “advancing harmful gender ideologies.”

“In my thirty-plus-year marriage, I am the husband,” Shupe now says. “To my daughter, I am her father … I no longer identify as a transgender or non-binary person and … I will not be a party to advancing harmful gender ideologies that are ruining lives, causing deaths and contributing to the sterilization and mutilation of gender-confused children.”

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Transgenderism is “fraud” and “pseudoscience,” says Shupe

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Born a male, Shupe served in the military and married a woman early on in his life before deciding years later in 2013 that he no longer wanted to be a man. He embraced the doctrine of Leftist gender selection – the idea that a person can become any gender that he, she, or ze wishes – only to realize after the fact that it’s all fake.

“My history-making and landmark sex change to non-binary was a fraud based on the pseudoscience of gender identify,” Shupe now admits. “I am and have always been male. There should be no social or legal penalty for others to state that.”

Shupe tried taking female hormones, altering his appearance, and aggressively working against the natural order of male and female that he had been indoctrinated to oppose – but it was never enough.


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“I figured I was a transgender woman,” Shupe says. “My thinking was, well, I’m not a male. I was in a deep, dark depression because I had boxed myself into this male identity that I couldn’t stand anymore.”

Even after pretending to be a woman for many years, Shupe still wasn’t happy, nor did he feel good about his quest to switch from male to female. In the end, he realized that he had been duped, and that there’s no such thing as being a transgender.

“Now, I’m suddenly telling my spouse I’m the same thing she is? It didn’t make sense to me,” Shupe admits. “No amount of hormones is going to make me look like a female.”

Shupe’s gender confusion stemmed from “psychotic issues,” he says – and nobody was willing to help him, instead choosing to “affirm” his mental illness

As Shupe was beginning to come to the realization that he is, and always will be, a biological male, he began to also recognize that society had been so brainwashed into transgender ideology that he would never actually find help for his condition. Instead, everyone was just “affirming” his “non-binary” status, without offering any help whatsoever.

Shupe says he eventually acknowledged the fact that he was suffering from “psychotic issues,” including “hallucinations, destructive behavior, and paranoia” – but, again, nobody was willing to help him out of it, as they had all been falsely led to believe that transgenderism and non-binary status were completely normal.

“Cross-sex hormones failed to cure or even alleviate my gender dysphoria,” Shupe now admits. “The only thing that did was to stop believing that I was a female. The APA (American Psychological Association) claims gender dysphoria is a treatable condition with social transitions and hormonal and surgical treatments. My experience as a transsexual patient proves otherwise.”

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