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Are covid “vaccines” a biological weapon designed by the Synagogue of Satan for ethnic cleansing?

Are covid “vaccines” a biological weapon designed by the Synagogue of Satan for ethnic cleansing?

(Natural News) There is growing speculation based on evidence from the past that so-called covid “vaccines” might be the manifestation of an alleged decades-old plot by Ashkenazi Jews to ethnically cleanse the world of Arabs and other outsiders.

Back in the late 1990s, The Sunday Times (U.K.) reported that the modern-day nation of Israel, which was declared into existence on May 14, 1948, by then-World Zionist Organization head David Ben-Gurion, had supposedly been working on an “ethno-bomb” to target the state’s enemies.

This biological weapons program, the Nov. 15, 1998, report explained, citing Western intelligence sources, aimed to “identify distinctive genes carried by Arabs to create a genetically-modified bacterium or virus.” The way it was described back then sounds almost exactly like what we now know to be true about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections:

“The intention is to use the ability of viruses and certain bacteria to alter the DNA inside their host’s living cells. The scientists are trying to engineer deadly micro-organisms that attack only those bearing the distinctive genes.”

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Considering the fact that the covid plandemic is largely centered around a “testing” scheme that is really just genetic harvesting in disguise, it is hardly a stretch to imagine that the horrific events of the past two years might actually be an ethnic cleansing operation under cover.

Since we also know that the jabs are a form of experimental gene therapy, it would also make sense that whatever they contain might have been designed to selectively target certain ethnic groups or lineages while protecting others.

At the time when The Sunday Times article was published, Bill Richardson, who served as Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense in both the Reagan and H.W. Bush administrations, tried to “debunk” that Israel was working on an ethno-bomb program as described. In doing so, however, Richardson’s words actually confirmed that what we are seeing today probably is an ethno-bomb situation happening on a global scale.

“Even if an ethno-bomb were developed in a petri dish, there’s a long leap from having a mechanism to having an environmental viability, a weapon, or vector, or means of dissemination,” Richardson said.

Richardson’s use of the word vector is particularly interesting in light of the fact that both the Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) and AstraZeneca covid injections are viral vector shots. And the J&J shot actually uses what is known as Adenovirus 26 to deliver the modified DNA that instructs a person’s cells to produce spike proteins.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla was given an award for being one of the world’s “most influential and important Zionists”

It turns out that the ethno-bomb that Richardson claimed did not exist was at least attempted in South Africa back in the 1980s. The plan was to create and unleash an “ethnic bullet,” as it was also called, for research purposes in order to test out its viability for potential later expanded use.

Dr. Daan Goosen says that he and his colleagues were ordered at the time to develop a “pigmentation weapon” that targeted only black people. They discussed spreading it in beer, maize (corn) and vaccinations, though a UPI report claims that such a weapon was never actually developed – at least not at that time.

Fast-forward to today and what was described back then is eerily similar to what we are now seeing today with covid jabs, except on a global scale. Not only do governments everywhere insist that people get “tested” repeatedly, but they are also hellbent on injecting every arm on the planet, using force if necessary.

Other biological weapons such as “immunogenic contraceptive” technology and “emerging infectious diseases” (i.e., Ebola and HIV) were also being developed and tested around the same time. None of these things existed prior to when they suddenly appeared as part of programs like “Project Coast,” for instance, which was another chemical and biological weapons program based in South Africa.

Today, one of the most aggressive jab-pushers is none other than Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer. Bourla has repeatedly spoken about his “love of Israel” and about how his parents supposedly survived World War II. He was also given the Theodor Herzl award on Nov. 9, 2021, which is exclusively given to “the most influential and important Zionists in the world.”

Bourla, as we reported, wants his company’s injections to be forced on everyone, including children. Anyone who resists, he infamously stated, should be regarded as a criminal.

Could it be that Pfizer’s mRNA shots were specifically designed to target certain racial groups while leaving others alone? Are these injections the modern-day equivalent of King Herod’s “Massacre of the Innocents” in which baby boys under the age of two were executed in an attempt to eradicate the true Hebrews?

Keep in mind that Bourla and others like him are fake Jews. The Biblical Jewish people descended from the tribe of Judah, but the Bourlas of the world are Ashkenazi impostors pushing political Zionism for profit with their Big Pharma pharmakeia (sorcery).

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