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Arkancide: Journalist investigating Bill Clinton boy-rape found dead in DC hotel room

Arkancide: Journalist investigating Bill Clinton boy-rape found dead in DC hotel room

This post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

True Pundit‘s Investigative Bureau reports that on August 13, 2018, Jenny Moore, a journalist and former police officer who was investigating allegations that Bill Clinton had raped a young boy, was found dead in a suburban Washington D.C. hotel room — the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Washington, D.C. East – in Capitol Heights, Maryland.

Moore died of an apparent seizure. Preliminary reports from police said the death was not the result of suicide. Police are closely investigating the cause of death after former FBI Agent Robyn Gritz, a friend of Moore’s, made inquiries with homicide detectives in Prince Georges County, Maryland.

Moore, an advocate and investigator of abused and trafficked children, had been investigating allegations by a 26-year-old man that — as a young boy — was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton and pimped out at private sex parties attended by other D.C. elites.

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In June, Moore had approached True Pundit’s Thomas Paine with the alleged victim’s allegations against Clinton. Paine conducted a series of face-to-face interviews with Moore and the victim, during which the victim vomited and shivered as he recalled being sexually assaulted by Clinton on a yacht in New England. The victim said he had also witnessed other children (boys and girls) and people being sexually and physically abused and possibly worse on “boat parties” attended by elite members of the D.C. political class. The victim said he knows the identities of several other child victims who were subjected to abuses identical to his.

By July, the victim agreed to tell his story to Paine. But Moore and the victim wanted to contact Homeland Security and the FBI first to see if they would open a criminal case against Clinton prior to True Pundit publicizing the claims. Paine explains:

“Jen thought that with a criminal probe, federal agents could use the victim possibly to dangle in front of Clinton to see if he made a mistake or tried to pay him off. She was worried about the safety of the victim and was working to find him safe harbor until this story broke. Now she is the one who turned up dead.”

Just four weeks before her untimely death, Moore filed details of the victim’s allegations against Clinton with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the FBI. Within a month, she is dead. FBI sources said no case has been opened on the evidence supplied by Moore; DHS officials could not be reached for comment.

Paine said Moore accepted the risks with the story and understood things could get very ugly very fast:

“She was worried about the victim because he was the first to break the ice. There were others waiting to tell their stories but he was the catalyst. Did she think she could be harmed? Absolutely. This woman was fearless. Absolute warrior. A former cop. I don’t think she was afraid of anyone or anything.”


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