Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

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As Requested: Email Alerts are Set Up at DC Dirty Laundry — Sign Up Now While You Still Can

As Requested: Email Alerts are Set Up at DC Dirty Laundry — Sign Up Now While You Still Can

For those who are unaware, I have been expanding our little web niche as quickly as I can.

We recently started a 2nd site,, to compliment

DC Clothesline has been around since 2012, but it is no secret that the hammer may fall on us any day. That’s the reality of the current landscape.

So we are busy building as fast as we can. The 2nd website helps. We are also planning to expand into print publishing in the future.

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If anyone is able, we have been collecting donations to try to stay afloat as we reorganize.

But the most important thing is that we get as much of this off of social media as possible.

So as promised we have started our mail list for DC Dirty Laundry. You will get 1 email in the evening around 8 PM Eastern, which lists the 10 most recent articles. It’s nothing fancy, just an email with the ten most recent articles.

One word of caution before you sign up. I signed up with a gmail address (owned by Google) and it sent the first 2 emails straight to my spam folder. Using something other than gmail might be preferred. If you do use gmail you might have to find the email Monday evening in your spam folder and then whitelist if you want.

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It’s kind of funny that Google told me that a message I was sending to myself was SPAM, but this is the war we conservatives are now fighting.

Make no mistake.

We will continue to fight.

DC Clothesline already has its own list, so if you are on that list you might not feel like you need both. And we also have web notifications set up for both sites. DC Clothesline can only serve notifications to those using popular web browsers like Chrome and Safari. DC Dirty Laundry can serve all sorts of devices. Those are done through one signal and sign up is through a pop up upon site entry. If you have already disabled that pop up and refused it, well I’m not sure how we can go back and fix that. I’m not a tech savvy guy. But we can find out.

Things are moving in the right direction but they will never move fast enough with me at the wheel.

I’ve been rolling it all out as quickly as I can, but I do fall asleep in my chair a lot. LOL I’m old and not very healthy, but I ain’t dead yet.

God Bless,

Dean Garrison

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