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Asked Why U.S. Must Stay In Syria, Mitt Romney Responds With Empty Platitudes

Asked Why U.S. Must Stay In Syria, Mitt Romney Responds With Empty Platitudes

We need to stay in all of our forever wars because of empty platitudes, so says Mitt Romney.

From the Free Beacon:

CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked Romney why he thinks Trump is making a mistake with his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria.

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“Well, the reason that we’re involved in the world is to make the world safer, which is good for the world and good for us,” Romney said. “Because we trade with places throughout the world. We sell products throughout the world. People come and go into our various countries, and we share not only culture, but education, technology, innovation. And so having a stable world where we can conduct trade is a very good thing for us and for the world.”

In case you weren’t counting, he used the word “world” seven times there. He also said absolutely nothing of any significance.

He eventually managed to muster up an argument: if we pull our 2,000 troops out it will bring about Armageddon:

“And so we’re in Syria with a very small footprint, about 2,000 people to help our allies there, the Kurds,” Romney continued. “And in some respects, to provide some stability to that region so that [Syrian President Bashar al-] Assad or [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan or the Russians or the Iranians don’t rush in and slaughter people, slaughter our allies.”

It’s hard to believe the masses actually accepted bulls**t-artists like this in the past.

The rambling went on and on.

Asked how he would respond to the argument that America can’t be the “policeman of the world,” Romney said: “The answer is you can’t be everywhere forever, but you do place our troops and our military might in places where hopefully they’re not involved in conflict in a kinetic way, but they are able to provide stability in a region, which is good for hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. And at the same time, it’s good for us.”

“We have hundreds of thousands of fighting men and women,” Romney said. “We are not going to have them all just sitting home hoping nothing happens.”

You hear that, Soldiers? You can’t just sit at home all day in the safety of our own country! We have a military industrial complex which needs blood!

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