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Aspirin found to greatly decrease covid hospitalizations

Aspirin found to greatly decrease covid hospitalizations

(Natural News) New research out of George Washington University (GWU) has found that over-the-counter aspirin could help to protect the lungs of patients who test “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

An investigative team looked at more than 400 Chinese Virus patients from hospitals across the United States who take aspirin for some other unrelated purpose. Compared to patients who do not take the drug, aspirin users were found to have:

• A 44 percent decreased risk of requiring mechanical ventilation
• A 43 percent decreased risk of needing to be admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU)
• A 47 percent decreased risk of dying in a hospital

“As we learned about the connection between blood clots and COVID-19, we knew that aspirin – used to prevent stroke and heart attack – could be important for COVID-19 patients,” announced Dr. Jonathan Chow from GWU.

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“Our research found an association between low-dose aspirin and decreased severity of COVID-19 and death.”

It has been known for some time that low-dose aspirin helps to thin the blood, which in turn can protect against blood clotting issues like a stroke. For people who have had a heart attack or a myocardial infection, taking low-dose aspirin regularly can help protect them against further complications.

Even though the Fauci Flu largely affects the respiratory system, it is also associated with blood clotting, particularly in small blood vessels.

These clots cause tiny blockages in the pulmonary blood system, potentially leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

Taking low-dose aspirin reduces risk of covid infection by 29 percent

Researchers from the Barzilai Medical Center in Israel came to a similar conclusion about aspirin back in March when they tested its effects on Chinese Flu-related blood clots.

What they determined is that aspirin carries with it certain immunological benefits that in and of itself are anti-covid. Taking low-dose aspirin as a healthy person, scientists found, can help reduce the risk of contracting the Wuhan Flu by about 29 percent.

“Aspirin is low cost, easily accessible and millions are already using it to treat their health conditions,” Chow added. “Finding this association is a huge win for those looking to reduce risk from some of the most devastating effects of COVID-19.”

Keep in mind, though, that aspirin is still a pharmaceutical drug, albeit a much safer pharmaceutical drug than many other drugs out there that have FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval.

If use incorrectly or excessively at the wrong doses, aspirin can cause bleeding disorders and stomach ulcers. It can also cause other unintended side effects depending on the patient.

Low-dose aspirin, however, admittedly comes with minimal risks. It is certainly a better option than getting “vaccinated” or going to a hospital for “treatment.” Millions of people are needlessly suffering due to having gotten injected for the Fauci Flu as opposed to taking this or another safe and effective precautionary approach.

“This is precisely why the pharmaceutical industry will claim the research is invalid,” wrote one commenter at The Jerusalem Post about how aspirin could become the next ivermectin.

“What possible profit can there be in a cheap, off-patent treatment?”

“I noticed that aspirin will prevent the flu,” wrote another who claims that he and his family have been taking low-dose aspirin for years to prevent both viral infections and the seasonal flu.

“Pop two aspirin right at the onset. If you feel a sudden fatigue, it could very well be that your body has started fighting a viral infection. That’s when I pop two pills, 325mg aspirin. Not the little 81mg pills that people take on a daily basis, but the normal sized pills.”

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