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BIDEN “IMPORTING” COVID: Up to 50% of illegal immigrants are Covid-infected and are crossing the US southern border in droves right now

BIDEN “IMPORTING” COVID: Up to 50% of illegal immigrants are Covid-infected and are crossing the US southern border in droves right now

(Natural News) Has anyone noticed that there has been no lifting of any restrictions in Blue States even though the mass vaccination program is well under way? That’s because the dirty DC Democrats want Covid to be a pandemic for good, so they can further wreck the national economy, control the populace, and keep everyone weak and broke, voting for “free stuff” that comes at the price of freedom.

Now, every other illegal immigrant that the Biden Regime is shipping all over the country is infected with Covid-19, and it’s all part of the plan to keep the Red States on lockdown, since the dirty Democrats can’t seem to control the Republican Governors’ choices.

MAD RUSH of COVID: Up to 50% of illegal immigrants are Covid-infected

It’s time to impeach resident Biden for treason and for being mentally incapacitated by dementia. Don’t forget, the dirty Democrats vied to impeach Trump based on his mental capacity. While naïve and paranoid Americans wear their masks, social distance, and keep their businesses shuttered for no good reason, it’s business as usual for the Democrats, who create pandemics, stage terror events, and brainwash the masses with mass media narratives designed to give them the most control through the constant fear-mongering.

While the pandemic is over, the plandemic is still in full effect, and most likely NONE of the restrictions will be lifted in the next ten years, just like the UK government is talking about right now. The United Kingdom is the litmus test, and the USA will surely follow suit if the Global Marxist Cabal has their way.

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Yes, the plandemic has gone viral (pun intended) because it was always planned that way, from the beginning, by Fauci, Gates and Soros. Now illegal immigrants are the weapons of mass destruction, and they’re being “deployed” across the nation like little terror cells. Illegal aliens are the new involuntary domestic terrorists equipped with immunity to US laws, but zero immunity to Covid.

Illegal aliens are funded by the dirty Democrats and are being gathered, purposely infected, then shipped like little time bombs into Red States where Governors are defying the Marxist Plandemic rules declared by the tyrannical Biden Regime.

Biden’s biological warfare hits Arizona and Texas– Democrats’ revenge for Red State defiance of Marxism

The Biden Regime is shipping Covid-infected illegal immigrants by bus, train and plane to mainly Red States where Republican Governors have lifted some or all of the plandemic restrictions, rules and absurd “laws.” It’s weaponized immigration and biological warfare, yet few Americans seem to realize that this is a sinister plot being carried out by these Marxist psychopaths that stole the election. At the border, the immigrants are not tested for Covid, but just handed money, supplies, housing, transportation and virtual citizenship at the gate.

Every nation in the world can now send their Covid-infected ‘undesirables’ to America’s southern border and they can wreck our economy, health and constitutional freedoms, while claiming to be trying to protect us from a pandemic their own evil cohorts concocted in a lab and purposely released.

We are currently fighting the second Civil War in America under the guise of a pandemic that requires everyone to quarantine in their homes, let their businesses go bankrupt, and accept all crimes from illegal immigrants, including kidnapping, rape and murder.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on the biological attack and Civil War that’s under way in America right now. Defend your country now or be taken over by Marxists and eliminated by Covid-19-20-21 and the dirty vaccines that use mRNA to incapacitate human immune systems.

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