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Biden promises that your tax dollars will be used by HHS to transport women across state lines for baby killing… “abortion Uber”

Biden promises that your tax dollars will be used by HHS to transport women across state lines for baby killing… “abortion Uber”

(Natural News) The Biden regime is making it a top priority to come up with a plan for providing “free” – meaning taxpayer-funded – transportation options to women in “red” states who now have to travel elsewhere for an abortion.

In an announcement, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) head Xavier Becerra, speaking at the Aspen Ideas Festival in garish Aspen, Colo., explained that funneling taxpayer cash into abortion tourism is the most pressing matter on fake “president” Joe Biden’s agenda right now.

“On Friday, June 24th, five Americans decided to use the vast power bestowed upon them by our democracy and our Constitution to unconscionably put at risk the life and health of millions of their fellow Americans,” Becerra gushed.

“They chose to unconscionably limit Americans’ established freedom and autonomy to control their own body – decisions usually made in consultation with their doctor, not a politician. And they chose to unconscionably strip away the fundamental health care protections that every American of childbearing age has known all their lives.”

Biden fully endorses abortion travel tourism

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Last Friday, Biden himself announced that he is taking direct action to ensure medication abortion “is available to the fullest extent possible and that women can travel safely from states where abortion is banned to states where abortion is legal.”

In case you missed it, Biden also fessed up to the fact that abortion involves the murder of a baby and not just a “clump of cells.”

To make all of this happen, Becerra says that his agency is taking steps to grease the wheels for abortion tourism across the United States. Perhaps there will be a whole new abortion travel department established within the federal government structure?

Becerra says that he was present at a Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis, Mo., on Friday morning when the Supreme Court decision was delivered. He says that people in the room were “visibly shaken,” and that “there were tears and an unshakeable sense of sadness.”

That sadness, of course, had nothing to do with what actually happens to a baby during the abortion procedure as its tiny body is ripped limb from limb followed by the crushing and disposal of its little head. No, the tears came from soulless women and their “allies” who cannot bear the thought of having to close their legs every once in a while – or better yet, take better precautions to not get pregnant in the first place.

Becerra, being the feminist simp that he is, cares more about the hurt fee fees of death cult females than he does the innocent babies they so carelessly discard after every time they engage in promiscuous sex.

“There is an easy solution to this: just have your state arrest any HHS employees tasked with this, and sentences should be 20 years to life,” suggested one commenter.

“If they change their minds, do they have to walk back?” asked another about these women who opt for government welfare abortion travel.

“Maybe a few of these radical ‘ladies’ should have their reproductive organs sucked out, without pain blockers,” wrote someone else, making a very good point about how women who support abortions should have to incur at least some of the pain and horror that unborn children who are aborted do.

“Using tax dollars for something that is not federally authorized: it sounds like some scrutiny is warranted,” wrote another, making an excellent point about how Biden and Becerra’s proposal for taxpayer-funded abortion travel is clearly illegal.

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