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Biden to drive final nail in U.S. electricity grid, orders power plants to cut carbon emissions by 90% or get shut down

Biden to drive final nail in U.S. electricity grid, orders power plants to cut carbon emissions by 90% or get shut down

(Natural News) Over the next 12 to 17 years, the Biden regime wants to eliminate the United States power grid as we currently know it in order to stop greenhouse gas “pollution.”

The goal is to slash 90 percent of all power plants that produce energy from earth-based fuels such as coal, oil, and gas, and replace them with … something that the regime will apparently figure out at a later date since there is nothing in the category of “green” that can effectively replace the nation’s existing energy infrastructure.

Biden’s number-one focus right now, besides sending America’s wealth into the money pit known as Ukraine, is to destroy the electric grid of the United States while banning gas-powered vehicles and appliances. With this will come drastic reductions in the standard of living for everyone except those at the very top.

Via the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Biden hopes to ram through new rules that would require all power plants across the country to stop burning coal and natural gas, which right now produce the lion’s share of the country’s electricity.

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(Related: After being installed into the White House, Biden handed over control of America’s energy grid to communist China.)

Biden and his puppet masters want to send us all back into the dark ages

To make the plan not seem so bad, the Biden regime is offering so-called “fossil fuel” plants the option to capture their greenhouse gas emissions before they enter the atmosphere – if only that were actually possible. It turns out there is really no viable way to do this with existing technologies.

So, in the real world, power plants that use earth-based fuels to produce energy will be forced to close, which will drastically reduce the nation’s power-generating capacity. Coupled with Biden’s push for everything to go electric, this spells an absolute collapse of the energy grid in the coming years.

“The public health and environmental benefits of this proposed rule will be tremendous,” said EPA Administrator Michael Regan during a briefing about the rule. “We have more than enough reason to be optimistic about what’s possible for the future of our nation.”

The Biden regime’s war on energy has never been more flagrant and in-your-face than it is today with this new plan. They can barely contain their true agenda with all this, which is to destroy the nation’s lifeblood in order to collapse the country.

Keep in mind that part of the proposal also deals with cars and trucks, the latter of which are critical for logistics and the movement of goods, including food. Biden wants all those diesel-powered trucks to be scrapped as part of his “global warming” agenda, which will mean an end to the American economy – which, by the way, is already teetering on its last legs, or so it would seem.

Many Republicans are trying to fight back against Biden’s anti-energy agenda, as is Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, a heavy coal state that stands to falter if Biden gets his way.

Last year, natural gas and coal combined produced nearly 60 percent of America’s electricity. “Renewable” sources like wind and solar, on the other hand, contributed about 21 percent – and unreliably so on sunny and windless days, it is important to note.

Coal and gas are always there and always ready, while wind and solar are entirely dependent upon weather conditions. Wind and solar might be renewable, in other words, but they are certainly not reliable, nor are they sustainable to maintain a strong and healthy economy.

The earth-based fuels that enhance modern life with abundance are under attack by the Left. To keep up with the latest news, visit

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