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Bill Gates says governments must PUNISH people for questioning mask and vaccine mandates online

Bill Gates says governments must PUNISH people for questioning mask and vaccine mandates online

(Natural News) In a recent interview with British politician Jeremy Hunt, Bill Gates said that governments around the world must begin to PUNISH people for questioning mask and vaccine mandates online. It’s not enough that social media companies have gone the way of the Chinese Communist Party, targeting information that exposes crimes against humanity and blacklisting critical information that would help people make an informed decision. Now, Bill Gates wants not only to silence those who disagree with him, but he also wants to turn governments against their own people when those people dare speak out of line against Bill Gate’s global agendas, surveillance systems, economic controls, genetic engineering and medical mandates.

Bill Gates seeks to indemnify himself from public scrutiny, accountability, the rule of law

Bill Gates has insistently funded and promoted vaccine passports systems around the world. He aggressively promotes authoritarian lockdowns, and he defends medical mandates that violate the sanctity of the individual. Gates expresses his desire to inject every man, woman and child routinely, while restricting the civil liberties of those who do not comply.

As the greatest financial contributor to the World Health Organization (WHO), Bill Gates is the single most influential figure over public health initiatives. These Bill Gates “public health” initiatives do not adhere to medical ethics, and they violate the informed consent principle, locking people down, restricting movement and coercing compliance to deadly medical experiments (namely covid vaccines).

The WHO is the entity propagating an endless “pandemic,” giving governments indefinite emergency power to seize human rights, restrict human movement and experiment on people’s minds, behavior and physiology. At the behest of Bill Gates and his “philanthropic” GAVI Vaccine Alliance, the WHO is now promoting the implementation of a permanent medical police state, digital vaccine passports and an economic Ponzi scheme that enshrines the global elite as untouchable, immunizing the elite from public criticism, accountability and ultimately, the rule of law.

Bill Gates is feeling the heat of global dissent

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The world is in an uproar over the likes of Bill Gates, and a growing number of people are in the process of setting their selves free from the top-down system of financial and political control that has allowed people like Bill Gates to play God and experiment on human lives with no remorse.

Feeling the heat of global dissent, Bill Gates is now calling on governments to PUNISH people who oppose mask and vaccine mandates online. This was recorded in a 30-minute interview between British politician Jeremy Hunt. In the interview, Gates discussed his desire to control governments and financial systems worldwide through the auspices of fighting climate change and preparing for the “next pandemic.” Admitting that the current vaccines do not stop “transmission,” he said “we need a new way of doing the vaccines” which includes “patches” applied in the skin.

Concerned about “mask hesitancy” and “vaccine hesitancy,” Gates called on governments to “step up” and suppress “false information” about masks and covid shots. He said Facebook censorship doesn’t go far enough, that government should get involved in regulating what is allowed to be shared online. Gates suggested that “eventually governments will decide [on supposed] wild conspiracy theories: do they have to be double checked? Do they have to slow down their spread? Do you have to put counterbalancing point of views there?”

Gates wants politicians to plan for “future pandemics” by installing medical surveillance programs and “germ games” that simulate the most effective ways to control people and monitor their DNA and control their genetic expression. He wants a task force greater than the one he established at the WHO — a task force that requires “tens of billions” of dollars in investment from all nations around the world. “So, you’d think this would be a priority,” he smirked, predicting that “next year will be where those [financial] allocations have to get made, including this global pandemic task force.”

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