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Black Lives Matter mobs are blocking roads, attacking vehicles, and holding travelers at gunpoint

Black Lives Matter mobs are blocking roads, attacking vehicles, and holding travelers at gunpoint

(Natural News) Black Lives Matter brigades continue to tear up the inner cities and threaten law enforcement, growing bolder and more ruthless with each act of violence. Law abiding citizens are beginning to feel helpless in the Northwest U.S. cities as mobs pillage the streets, deface property, burn buildings and block roads.

These rioters have been blocking roads in cities around the country, stopping travelers, destroying their vehicles, and threatening innocent lives. “White silence is violence,” they decry as they wield actual, unrelenting violence toward peaceful, law abiding Americans.

Rioters hold traveler at gunpoint

A riot in Eugene, Oregon effectively blocked a roadway and one of the demonstrators, armed with a handgun, decided to hold a motorist at gunpoint, pointing his handgun through the window of the vehicle, targeting the motorist’s chest.

According to eye witness reports, the motorist felt that his life was threatened by the mob and decided to act in self defense against the rioters. Surrounded by violent thugs, the motorist brandished a handgun to defend his life. An armed Black Lives Matter demonstrator confronted the motorist as he appears to be getting out of his truck. The armed demonstrator hoisted his handgun inside the opened window of the truck, pointing it at the motorist’s chest. The standoff reportedly went on for about a minute before the motorist was able to drive off. The armed demonstrator is lucky the motorist did not fire as his life was clearly in danger.

Rioters will play the victim and the hero when law abiding Americans defend themselves

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Law enforcement are outnumbered by the violent Antifa and BLM mobs, and ordinary Americans are left with no choice but to defend themselves against these domestic terrorists. As more Americans step up to defend themselves, the Black Lives Matter brigades will try to play the role of victim and the hero. If the motorist would have fired in self defense, he would’ve been cast as the bad guy. If the BLM assailant would have shot the motorist down, he would have been cast as a hero, defending peaceful protestors. Just ask the McCloskey’s, the St. Louis couple who defended their property from a violent mob that broke through their front gate, were. The McCloskey’s are the ones being charged with felonies — for successfully defending their property and their lives. The corporate left-wing media is currently gas-lighting the nation, referring to Black Lives Matter violence as “peaceful,” their demonstrations “democratic,” and their cause one of “justice.”

As law abiding Americans begin to defend themselves from the mob, they will be cast as the enemy and their actions will be labeled as the violent threat. It won’t be long before the United Nations declares US police activity and federal intervention of inner-city violence as a “human rights abuse.” The New York Times has called upon left-wing demonstrators to continue terrorizing Portland to stave off “fascism.”

The United Nations may ultimately side with the violent mobs and help Antifa and Black Lives Matter rise to power, destroying the American republic and the rule of law. This is what is at stake. Democratic mayors and governors are openly allowing the violence and terrorist occupation of the cities they preside over, telling police to stand down and criticizing federal agents for upholding law and order. These leaders could very well invite foreign forces like the UN to occupy — and force federal forces out — of the cities, allowing a reign of terror to commence on American soil. Americans may be called upon to defend their nation against this escalation of violence and this communist overthrow of America.

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