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BLM founders steeped in witchcraft, satanism

BLM founders steeped in witchcraft, satanism

(Natural News) Millions of Americans have been duped into jumping on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) bandwagon, believing it to represent righteous advocacy on behalf of the so-called disenfranchised and persecuted. The truth, however, is that BLM is nothing more than a religious cult founded upon the tenets of Marxism, witchcraft and Satanism.

The founders of the BLM movement have admitted to such, as evidenced in newly released audio recordings that divulge the various occult practices, ancestor worship, witchcraft and African paganism that accompany all the protests and activism.

BLM co-founder Patrice Cullors, a self-admitted “trained Marxist,” actually boasted about her movement’s demonic agenda during a television interview. She admitted that she and her allies regularly consult spiritual entities that “work through” them to accomplish the BLM agenda.

“I’m calling for spirituality to be deeply radical,” Cullors is quoted as saying. “We’re not just having a social justice movement; this is a spiritual movement.”

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Melina Abdulla, a professor of “African Studies” and fellow BLM ringleader, agrees. Speaking to Cullors, Abdulla admitted that BLM is “very intimate with the spirits that we call on regularly.” Each of these spirits, she says, “seems to have a different presence and personality.”

Creepily, Abdulla even referred to one of them by name, explaining that she “laugh[s] a lot with Wakisha.”

“And I didn’t meet her in her body,” Abdulla added about Wakisha, a demonic entity. “I met her through this work.”

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BLM says its hashtags also conjure up demonic spirits

Following the reported death of George Floyd, BLM staged its “Blackout Tuesday” event, urging followers to plaster the hashtag all across their social media accounts alongside a black square, which we were told was a simple gesture of solidary with “black lives.”

Well, as it turns out, this hashtag and others “are way more than a hashtag,” according to Cullors.

“It is … literally almost resurrecting a spirit so they can work through us to get the work that we need to get done,” she says. “I started to feel personally connected and responsible and accountable to them, both from a deeply political place, but also from a deeply spiritual place.”

In other words, BLM hashtags are part of the Satanic ritual process, conjuring up demons in ceremonial fashion to protect black criminals. And those who participate are likewise engaging in spiritual practice, whether they realize it or not.

“In my tradition, you offer things that your loved one who passed away would want, you know, whether it’s like honey or tobacco, things like that,” Cullors further admitted, referring to the African paganism aspects of the BLM movement.

“And that’s so important, not just for us to be in direct relationship to our people who have passed, but also for them to know we’ve remembered them … I believe so many of them work through us.”

Even the “say his name” trope, which was popularized after Floyd’s death, has strong spiritual connotations. This mantra, according to Cullors, is a means to “invoke that spirit, and then those spirits actually become present with you.”

In a nutshell, Cullors and Abdulla agree that “spirituality is at the center of Black Lives Matter,” and Christians especially should be aware of this because adherence to the doctrines of BLM represents a form of idolatry and paganism that is prohibited in the Bible.

“What they are describing is their adherence to the Yoruba religion of Ifa, to where they are summoning dead spirits,” says talk show host and Christian attorney Abraham Hamilton III, a black man, about the Satanic underpinning of BLM.

Hamilton added during an interview that the spirituality of BLM is linked to the sacrifice of children to demonic gods such as Molech (abortion), as well as to the summoning of spirits (witchcraft).

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