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Board-certified psychiatrist witnessed hundreds of REAL “demonic possessions”

Board-certified psychiatrist witnessed hundreds of REAL “demonic possessions”

(Natural News) A renowned board-certified psychiatrist has claimed to have witnessed hundreds of demonic possessions despite being an avowed “man of science.” Dr. Richard Gallagher said he was initially skeptical of demonic possession, despite being a devout Catholic himself. The Columbia University and New York Medical College faculty member eventually served as a scientific adviser to the International Association of Exorcists.

Gallagher has specialized in personality disorders and psychopharmacology for about forty years, but his involvement in malevolent spirits started unexpectedly in the early 1990s. A priest came to Gallagher’s office to ask for his opinion about a woman claiming to have been attacked by evil spirits. Despite the psychiatrist saying the priest was “incredulous,” he agreed to observe the patient and promised to keep an open mind.

Since that visit thirty years ago, Gallagher has become the world’s leading consultant on demonic possession for the Catholic Church. He wrote down his experiences in a new book titled Demonic Foes: My Twenty-Five Years as a Psychiatrist Investigating Possessions, Diabolic Attacks and the Paranormal. He outlined some of the notable cases of demonic possessions he handled.

Scientists shares notable cases of “demonic possession” in his book

Gallagher shares several notable cases that he’s encountered over the years in his book.

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In one case, the victim who he hides under the name “Julia,” spoke in tongues and levitated during her exorcism. In addition, she possessed knowledge of certain things she couldn’t know otherwise – such as knowing that Gallagher’s mother died of ovarian cancer.

“I know I’m possessed,” Julia later told Gallagher during a consultation. “I space out and then don’t recall what happens. They tell me a voice comes out of me. I don’t know. I don’t remember anything. It’s a demon, I’m sure.”

During her exorcism, two nuns were instructed to lay their hands on Julia’s shoulders and arms – when she suddenly levitated a foot off the chair for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the exorcism failed to remove the malevolent being controlling her.

In another case, a Rural West Virginia housewife, who he called “Catherine,” went into trance-like states and blasphemed whenever something related to religion was mentioned. In addition, she displayed a very odd symptom: She selectively could not hear or see anything that had to do with religion, such as going to church or praying. Three doctors Catherine visited – an otolaryngologist, a psychologist and an audiologist – were unable to find any explanation for her symptoms.

“Stan,” a middle-aged male from the Pacific Northwest, claimed that “some kind of weird, unseen assailants” periodically scratched and occasionally choked him. Gallagher described him as a “brilliant man” who was “well-read and knowledgeable about religious history.” Stan was delivered from his demons in an exorcism.

Dabbling in Satanism and the occult puts one at risk for demonic attacks

Gallagher said the most common cause for demonic attacks is when someone has turned to evil or the occult, adding that the malevolent being strikes when people attempt to flee the evil influence. Some of the possessed individuals Gallagher named had involved themselves with the profane at some point in their lives. (Related: Demon-possessed woman goes insane on airplane, screaming obscenities while climbing over seats.)

“Julia” was a high priestess of a Satanist cult, acknowledging the devil as a “queen” which gave her a certain set of supernatural powers. She was hesitant to give up her paranormal vision, part of the powers she received from evil sources, as it meant she would renounce the source of her ability. In addition, Julia mentioned that the abilities she obtained were typical of a “powerful witch.”

Gallagher said “Catherine” dabbled in satanic rituals as a teenager and had promised herself to evil spirits. He added that she did “a few grisly things” and performed minor rituals with a couple of friends – opening her up to possession. “Catherine’s” inability to hear or see anything related to spirituality made her case very challenging, the psychiatrist remarked. “Stan” also faced the same issue: He initially denied engaging with the occult, until admitting to Gallagher that he had briefly turned to Satanism as a young man and “promised his soul” in exchange for favors.

Whether it is an outright manifestation of demonic power or subtle promotion of evil, demonic possession is truly on the rise in recent times. Even the leaders of Black Lives Matter admitted their involvement in the occult such as witchcraft and Satanism.

Humanity turning away from God and dabbling in the profane only serves to strengthen evil. Thus, repenting and acknowledging His omnipotence will shield humanity from the snares of Satan.

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