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Both the President and investors are betting everything on a fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine… but what if they’re accidentally unleashing a medical time bomb on America?

Both the President and investors are betting everything on a fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine… but what if they’re accidentally unleashing a medical time bomb on America?

(Natural News) The euphoria of today’s Wall Street investors is based primarily on two things: 1) Continued Fed money printing, and 2) Expectations that a coronavirus vaccine will arrive in November and magically end the pandemic.

At the same time, President Trump is also aggressively pushing a coronavirus vaccine to be released before Election Day, hoping that some significant portion of the country’s population will happily allow themselves to be injected with an experimental, fast-tracked medical intervention just two days before the election. (See VaccineWars.com for more coverage of the ongoing vaccine wars in America.)

In fact, CDC director Robert Redfield recently sent a letter to all 50 states, urging them to fast-track state licensing and distribution requirements for rapid deployment of a coronavirus vaccine. As The Epoch Times reports:

“CDC urgently requests your assistance in expediting applications for these distribution facilities,” he wrote, adding, “and, if necessary, asks that you consider waiving requirements that would prevent these facilities from becoming fully operational by November 1, 2020.”

Skipping safety trials, pushing experimental vaccines for political purposes… a recipe for disaster

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So we have a fast-tracked vaccine that’s skipping phase 3 trials, meaning there are zero long-term studies being conducted on vaccine safety or efficacy. And then we have a federal agency pressuring states to waive their own requirements for licensing, which amounts to yet more government pressure to eliminate state-level scrutiny of vaccine efficacy and safety. The result? America is being put on the fast track to a public health train wreck that will be blamed on — guess who? — President Trump.

There is also a very real risk that the entire vaccine industry will be utterly discredited in the aftermath of a looming fast-tracked vaccine disaster. This fact is affirmed by none other than the CEO of Pfizer, a major vaccine manufacturer, who now warns that skipping the safety trials could end in catastrophe. As reported by NewsTarget.com:

Albert Bourla, chairman and chief executive officer of Pfizer has warned of the damage that pushing a vaccine before testing its guaranteed to be safe may cause the reputation of the pharmaceutical industry.

Bourla acknowledged that people were skeptical about vaccines. “They are skeptical because there’s so much politicized science right now,” he said in a press conference of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations. “This is the worst situation for society.”

The FDA, meanwhile, has already declared it will not require coronavirus vaccines to be proven safe or effective at all. Instead, they will be approved under “emergency authorization,” which allows the FDA to approve emergency medical interventions if there is no other recognized treatment alternative available.

And that’s why we’ve all witnessed a Big Pharma-funded propaganda war against hydroxychloroquine, of course. The FDA can only justify emergency approval of a fast-tracked vaccine if HCQ is discredited as a treatment. That’s the entire reason behind the coordinated fake science effort to false claim HCQ is dangerous.

So we are now witnessing the CDC and a cartel of Big Pharma vaccine makers try to convince the world that a safe drug (HCQ) is dangerous, while potentially dangerous vaccines are safe. It has all become politicized now.

On top of that clusterf#ck, President Trump is trying to convince the nation that a rushed coronavirus vaccine is our pathway to restoring growth and abundance to America’s economy. He recently stated, “Under Operation Warp Speed, we have three different vaccines in the final stage of trials, right now, years ahead of what has been achieved before… We will have a safe and effective vaccine this year. And together we will crush the virus.”

But what if Operation Warp Speed is actually just twisted, junk science medicine? You can’t claim vaccines are safe in the long run unless you test them for the long run. The whole purpose of phase 3 trials is to test the vaccines on a much larger population for an extended period of time in order to estimate what might happen when you start giving out hundreds of millions of doses to the population at large. It’s a sensible step before you run around injecting half the population with a new, experimental substance created in a laboratory.

mRNA vaccine platform is a grand, risky medical experiment that should be subjected to at least a decade of exhaustive testing

The new mRNA platform now being used for coronavirus vaccines further underscores the foolishness of skipping phase 3 trials, given that no mRNA vaccine has ever been approved by the FDA for use in humans, meaning the entire platform is a grand medical experiment with unknown consequences.

The rush to proclaim “victory” over the coronavirus, it seems, is leading Trump to blindly dive head first into a dark pool that may or may not hold any water. If the first fast-tracked vaccine miraculously shows zero problems while granting full immunity to all its recipients, it will be deemed a “Trump miracle.” But the odds of this are so slim that you might simply call it zero. The far more likely outcome is that fast-tracked vaccines, injected into a hundred million Americans, will reveal underlying problems that could have been recorded in a phase 3 trial, but were never observed because the trials were skipped.

And this is even if we assume the vaccine manufacturers are acting in good faith and aren’t deliberately trying to use the vaccine platform to achieve infertility or depopulation goals, both of which are repeatedly and aggressively promoted by vaccine advocates such as Bill Gates. Vaccines given to young women in Kenya have been confirmed to be spiked with infertility chemicals, revealing that vaccines are used to reduce human populations through campaigns of mass deception.

But what happens if the first fast-tracked vaccine turns out to be a medical time bomb that detonates across America, injuring or killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people?

Adding to the medical insanity of this situation, the city of Houston, Texas is reportedly randomly selecting Houston citizens to be human guinea pigs / test subjects for the experimental coronavirus vaccine. If you are selected by this medical “lottery,” Houston will send health officials to your door to inject you with the vaccine, just to see what happens:

A fast-tracked vaccine could kill 200,000 Americans, exceeding the official deaths from COVID-19

Notably, early Moderna vaccine trials caused side effects in 50% of study subjects, and produced “serious injury” in 20% of patients in the high dose group. This is the very same vaccine being fast-tracked for rapid approval by the Trump administration. Moderna even openly admits that its mRNA vaccine technology can produce “significant adverse events,” which is another way of saying it can injure and kill people.

If you have a dangerous vaccine that’s injuring 20% of people who receive it, fast-tracking the vaccine doesn’t reduce the rate of injury. In the same way, if you have a broken car with a flat tire and a bent wheel, driving it 100 mph down the highway doesn’t make those problems go away. If anything, it makes the looming catastrophe far worse.

Let’s do the math: If this Modern vaccine causes serious injuries in 20% of patients, and if it’s given to 100 million Americans, we would expect to see 20 million Americans injured by the vaccine.

Out of those 20 million injured Americans, how many might die from the vaccine? We don’t know the numbers yet because, of course, the larger clinical trials are being skipped. But if just 1 out of 100 serious injuries results in death, we’re looking at 200,000 dead Americans.

That number — 200,000 — exceeds the number of Americans reported to have died from COVID-19 itself, according to official statistics from the CDC. And this means a fast-tracked vaccine could kill more Americans than the virus it claims to be halting.

It’s not difficult to imagine the headlines in the New York Times: “Trump’s vaccine kills 200,000 Americans – Vaccine APOCALYPSE.”

No doubt fake news outlets such as The Atlantic — a discredited fiction rag — will claim Trump had all the vaccines spiked with Russian technology, making them even more deadly.

Trump is making a dangerous, risky bet, and if he’s wrong, any American stupid enough to get vaccinated may pay the price

We don’t believe Trump would intentionally seek to use vaccines as weapons against innocent people — that’s something that depopulation globalists advocate, however — but Trump could rush dangerous vaccines into widespread use, accidentally unleashing a medical time bomb that could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans and destroy his legacy.

If you’re going to tie yourself to a horse, make sure that horse isn’t leaping off a cliff, in other words. The vaccine industry will do anything for profit, and they see huge profits in fast-tracked coronavirus vaccines. They have zero liability for damage or death caused by their vaccines, so there’s no incentive whatsoever for them to even conduct long-term safety trials. Their entire incentive is to get the vaccine selling as quickly as possible, regardless of how many innocent people die in the process.

They also know that Big Tech will censor any reports of vaccine injuries or deaths. Even the fake news mainstream media will usually go along with the cover-ups, protecting Big Pharma with lies and propaganda to falsely claim all vaccines are safe and effective, even as they’re injuring or killing hundreds of thousands of people each year in the United States alone.

But when it comes to Trump, the media will do anything to destroy him, and they may decide that throwing Moderna under the bus is worth casting blame onto President Trump for vaccine injuries and deaths. If the vaccine injuries start piling up, it won’t be difficult for the media to cast Trump as a “reckless” president who “ignored safety protocols” and pressured the CDC and FDA to skip all the necessary protocols in order to try to save his own presidency.

The Fauci Folly: Trump is foolishly allying himself with a dishonest, fraudulent industry that values no lives whatsoever

In our view, Trump is placing a very risky bet on fast-tracked vaccines. He’s allying himself with an industry steeped in science fraud and horrible quality control. Since the industry has enjoyed legal immunity since 1986, there are no incentives for vaccine manufacturing to be conducted in a manner that any reasonable person would consider to be “safe.” Even worse, vaccines are deliberately formulated with toxic chemicals such as squalene, thimerosal and aluminum-based adjuvants.

Rushing vaccines to market is a lot like trying to rush a space shuttle launch. In 1986, the same year Congress granted the vaccine industry legal immunity from vaccine injuries, NASA found out the hard way that when you rush complex, highly technical projects, they sometimes blow up in your face. (Or in the sky, in the case of the space shuttle Challenger.)

In NASA’s case, they rushed the launch even though cold weather had crept in, rendering critical o-rings brittle and subject to failure. Importantly, NASA had been warned in advance by its own scientists that this catastrophe would happen, but they ignored the warning because they wanted to meet a deadline for public relations purposes. Even this catastrophe only managed to kill 7 Americans. By comparison, Trump’s fast-tracked vaccine push may kill or injure hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Like NASA, Trump is desperately trying to meet a deadline by rushing the science and demanding results for political purposes. This is incredibly ignorant and almost certain to end in catastrophe. The only real question concerns the scale of the catastrophe: Will the first fast-tracked vaccine only kill a few hundred people, or will it destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands?

For a president who declared, before he was elected, that vaccines are dangerous, it is nothing less than horrifying that he’s now betting America’s future — and his own historical legacy — on a rushed, risky vaccine technology that can only be honestly described as medical experimentation on human beings.

You know it’s risky when even the CEO of Pfizer is warning you to change course and stick to long-term testing. We’ve even heard that many of the usual suspects of vaccine advocates — like Paul Offit — are warning about rushing experimental vaccines into large-scale deployment. When the vaccine advocates themselves are urging you to slam on the brakes and take the time to study the long-term safety of a new vaccine, that’s a fairly reliable sign that you’re probably playing with fire.

But Trump seems determined to catapult America into a nationwide medical experiment with utterly unknown consequences. It’s a roll of the dice, with hundreds of millions of lives at stake, along with a very real risk that the vaccine will do absolutely nothing on the positive side to quell the spread of the coronavirus. In fact, the vaccine might actually make the pandemic worse, leading to the dreaded “second wave” of infections and deaths that Democrats will use to justify even more draconian lockdowns and economic suicide.

Here’s Dr. Carrie Madej warning about the genetic consequences of the mRNA vaccine:

The thing is, we already know how to beat the Wuhan coronavirus. A recent event called “Pandemic Town Hall” documented the simple solutions that are working to save lives and beat the infections using simple drugs and nutrients. See the video here:

Trump would do much better for America, it seems, by listening to the complementary medicine community and advocating nutrients like zinc, quercetin, green tea extract and vitamin D rather than risky, experimental vaccines that have skipped safety trials.

For honest, accurate reporting on COVID-19, vaccines and medical ethics, read NaturalNews.com, which has been proven correct again and again about the corruption of the FDA, CDC and greed-driven vaccine industry.


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