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BREAKING… Dems taking their shot! Impeachment Probe Seeing Formal Steps Taken by House Panel next Wednesday

BREAKING… Dems taking their shot! Impeachment Probe Seeing Formal Steps Taken by House Panel next Wednesday

In another clear sign that House Democrats have lost their damn minds due to Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), the House Judiciary Committee is prepared to vote on a resolution, Wednesday, to detail the procedures for its investigation that is actively considering moving to impeach POTUS Donald Trump. This was tweeted out in the middle of the night, for some reason, just before midnight at 11:24pm Friday night, by CNN’s “crisis actor” Don Lemon.

With the spectacular failings of Mueller’s testimony, the Dems really did not have any other choice than to throw everything they have cobbled together, against the wall and see what sticks.

After Mueller bombed, and knowing that their “Great White Hope” failed them, the majority of the Democrat caucus threw their support behind moving forward with an impeachment inquiry into POTUS Trump. Obviously, Nancy Pelosi has lost ALL CONTROL of the caucus at this point and time.


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House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler indicated back at the beginning of August that the House Dems would be making a move on the President before the end of the year. This was just two weeks after Mueller emphatically stated his “lack of purview” on anything of relevance during his testimony before Congress.

The leftist nuts in the House think they “finally got’em” with potential violations of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and questionable reports that the President offered pardons to officials if they broke the law to carry out his immigration policies.

Possibly fearing things wouldn’t move quick enough before the coming state caucuses and primaries at the beginning of next year, the Dems moved their timetable up from ‘before the end of the year’, to “right now”.

The Looney Left of the House were potentially concerned with appeals that could take place, dragging out the court battles, beyond the fall and into the 2020 election year. Which would reduce their ability to make Trump look bad to the headline-only reading Leftists.

The Dems, unable to form unique ideas and think on their own, will be taking President Richard Nixon’s impeachment proceedings from 1974 and use Microsoft Word to globally replace any mention of Nixon, with Trump.

They will be leaving Nixon’s charges of obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of Congress in place and throwing in some “Collusion”, “Russian Interference” and “Orange Man Bad” for good measure.

Since the Dems are on a fishing expedition, the resolution is expected to give Nadler the authority to call hearings as either a full committee or subcommittee and allow future House Judiciary hearings to be conducted differently from normal congressional hearings since they don’t have any real grounds for impeachment.

The resolution would authorize committee staff counsel to question physical witnesses, something typically unheard of at congressional hearings. It will also allow secret grand jury information to be reviewed in closed-door sessions. The President’s counsel will be allowed to respond in writing to the committee so the House Committee does not get embarrassed when they have to google the big words.



The exact legislative language is still being run through the global replace in Microsoft Word and could be introduced as soon as Monday.

This is all pointless grandstanding with the sole intent of casting a bad light on Trump right before the election year. Nancy Pelosi has mentioned frequently, that moving forward with impeachment would be fruitless since two-thirds of the GOP-led Senate is very unlikely to convict Trump and remove him from office.

Ahh Democratic Peach Mints, now with extra salt. Your tax dollars, hard at work, making the House Dems rich by pushing a witch hunt.

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