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Buttigieg Distorts Scripture To Support His Candidacy – Hires “Faith-Based” Coordinator To Reach “Churches”

Buttigieg Distorts Scripture To Support His Candidacy – Hires “Faith-Based” Coordinator To Reach “Churches”

Satan is real and working diligently to destroy the people comprising this nation. Faithful Christians know this, but some are being led astray by false teachers (ministers) and those professing Christianity while violating the very teachings of God and Jesus Christ, as yesterday’s article “Preacher Perverts Scripture to Support Socialism” at Sons of Liberty Mediarevealed. While ungodly politicians secure false teachers influenced by Satan to lead good Christian men and women toward evil, an ungodly politician masquerading as a Christian is touring the Midwest in an effort to secure the Christian vote.

WND reports on a story originally printed by the Associated Press. The candidate is Pete Buttigieg and the headline and subtitle says it all: “Homosexual Candidate wants Christians to Support Him, Buttigieg hires ‘faith outreach coordinator’ to reach LGBTQ-oriented churches”.

The AP reported, “Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is making a faith-based appeal to voters, evident by regular references to his Christian beliefs.” First of all, Buttigieg is a practicing sodomite, meaning he violates the commandments of God and Jesus Christ. The commandments of God and Jesus Christ are not a Chinese buffet where you can pick and choose what you want and discard what you don’t like. And, just like the false teacher William Barber, who spoke at the DNC summer meeting, Pete Buttigieg knows the Scripture and engages in its perversion, just like his lifestyle.

AP News reported:

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The question was about climate change. The answer soon turned to the Bible.

And Pete Buttigieg knew the verses.

“There’s a lot about the stewardship of creation that is in Scripture that I don’t see being honored by the administration right now, not to mention the stuff about loving your neighbor and taking care of the least among us and feeding the poor,” the South Bend, Indiana, mayor said. The crowd of about 250 at a Mississippi River park in southeastern Iowa this month erupted with cheers.

Republicans for a half century have built a loyal following among white evangelical Christians. But Buttigieg, like no other Democrat seeking the 2020 presidential nomination, is trying to demonstrate that there’s a strong religiosity among Democrats, too.

Like William Barber, Buttigieg inserts government into the position of caring for the least among us and to feeding the poor when Jesus Christs commanded that to be done charitably by His followers. Make no mistake, Republicans have been just as deceptive using the teachings of Christianity to deceive people as Democrats. While Buttigieg may be trying to demonstrate there is religion among Democrats, it was Democrats who have kicked God out of the public sphere, with little objection by Republicans and Democrat supporters, and withdrew God from their platform. How much religion could there be among Democrats? Same with Republicans, but I digress.

According to the AP, President Donald Trump’s re-election chances are rooted in the support described as “unshakable” among religious conservatives; however, the AP suggests that Buttigieg, by referencing his own Christian faith, could offer a counterweight that could be influential in Iowa and elsewhere with Democrats trying to remove the secular label applied to them by their opposition.

Methodist pastor Rev. Elizabeth Bell stated, “What Pete said about welcoming the stranger, visiting those in prison, that’s what Jesus calls on us to do.” Ms. Bell is confusing what Buttigieg imparts. Buttigieg is speaking from the standpoint of government, not the individual, which Jesus’s commandments are directed and toward those of His followers.

Buttigieg, whose father studied for the priesthood but was never ordained, knows the Scripture, just like Satan, and who engages in deception to lead Christians astray by assigning to government the commandments Jesus Christ gave His followers. Buttigieg himself is full of hypocrisy. He is an openly practicing sodomite who engaged in a false union with another man in an Episcopal Church. This is in direct defiance of God’s teachings and commandments.

APNews continued:

During a two-day trip through eastern Iowa counties that Trump won in 2016 but that Democrat Barack Obama carried in 2008, Buttigieg was invited to discuss his faith in backyards, riverside parks, vintage hotels and town squares.

Not since Bill Clinton has a Democratic presidential candidate leaned so heavily on religious references in everyday campaign events, though Buttigieg says he’s wary of coming off as overly pious.

“My goal is for people of faith who believe that it has some implications for how they participate in politics to be aware that they have choices,” Buttigieg told The Associated Press. “I want people to know that when I say I’m guided by some of these ideas, it’s not something I seek to impose on anybody else. But I do want people to know that’s part of my formation, part of how I come at the world.”

Buttigieg admitted that he is “guided by some of these ideas”. Ideas? This is not how a Christian views the teachings of God and Jesus Christ – these are commandments for living in order to be more like Christ and seek the Kingdom of Heaven. He admitted it is “part” of how he comes at the world. It shouldn’t be “part,” but all. There is no medium, no tepid temperature. God said himself that you are either hot or cold and he would spit you out of his mouth being lukewarm. The lukewarm Christian is an individual who shows up on Sunday morning, leads in community groups, and his own actions convince him he is a Christian, but Jesus comes and declares the individual as deceiving himself. So, what is Buttigieg? That is for Jesus Christ to judge, but from what God’s Holy Word has commanded, Buttigieg cannot be a practicing sodomite and embrace Jesus Christ.

“Buttigieg said the opportunity is greater than ever, given the dissonance between Trump’s record and Christian teachings, to show all voters that Republicans are snubbing the Bible’s teachings on caring for the poor. ‘It’s an offense to not only our values but their own,’ Buttigieg told Thicksten”, a car dealer who asked Buttigieg if he planned to try and sway voters from the Christian “right”.

Thicksen, a DeWitt car dealer who backed former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s 2008 presidential cause, said of the openly sodomite Democrat 2020 presidential nominee contender, “I’ve heard him on numerous occasions be able to explain the left-leaning notions of faith and put them into terms I feel like people on the right might understand.”

Left-leaning notions of faith? There is no right or left in the Christian faith. There is following the Word of God and Jesus Christ or not – no picking and choosing. Buttigieg, like Barber, relays to Christians that government not caring for the poor, in defiance of God’s commandments, is an offense to the values of all Christians. However, God’s and Jesus’ commandments are not directed toward government, but toward the body of people that follow God and Jesus Christ. In order for government to care for the poor, the sick, the needy, the hungry, and the destitute, government has to “steal” from the people to do so. God’s law against thievery is one of the Ten Commandments given to Moses, and upheld by Jesus Christ.

His faith outreach coordinator is Rev. Shawna Foster, the first-ever faith hire of any 2020 Democratic campaign, who is charged with reaching the LGBTQ-friendly oriented churches. What a misnomer. All Christians are friendly to the LGBTQ community and we love our neighbor by imparting the truth about the practice of sodomy to these individuals in order to heal their spirit and lead them to Jesus Christ. Condoning their practice, which God calls an abomination, is not imparting love to them. Loving someone means being truthful.

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Foster is another individual who is being deceived and leading others toward deception. In other words, Foster is another false teacher.

APNews concluded:

And for Buttigieg, who in South Carolina is registering scant support among the African American voters who form a majority of that early primary’s electorate, his ease with Scripture could help him open the door, especially among churchgoing women.

A Pew Research Center survey conducted in late July and early August found 15% of white mainline Protestant Democrats said they preferred Buttigieg in the primary contest in an open-ended question. That’s compared with 0% of black Protestants.

“There’s no question that a very important part of engaging many black audiences is through faith because the church is such an important structure holding black communities and families up,” Buttigieg said. “It does mean that there’s a way to reach people and find some common ground.”

With just over five months until the caucuses, there is time.

“I feel like he actually lives the words that he says,” said volunteer Robin Gingrich, a retired test administrator from West Branch. “I think when he says he’s a Christian and he loves God, he proves it every day by the way he lives his life. I feel like he’s a therapist for America. He gives us hope.”

If this man’s ease with Scripture opens the door to secure the vote of any Christian, those individuals are truly being deceived by Satan. He is already deceiving 15% of white mainline Protestant Democrats according to the Pew Research Center; however, polls are easily manipulated. Do not be deceived. This man neither lives the Christian faith nor proves it by the way he lives his life. In fact, he proves the opposite, while giving lip-service to God. He should inspire neither hope nor admiration.

Let me be clear here. This is not picking on the Democrats because there isn’t anyone in the Republican party who is a Christian either. It should be enough to look at their fruits to know this. And, yes, that includes President Trump. A Christian would follow the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ while holding to the law of the land, the Constitution. Where is that happening among anyone in the District of Corruption and anti-Christianity?

It is said that God raises up leaders for the times. Looking at the times, one can see why we are not getting individuals who can truly govern. We are an unrepentant people, on the whole. And, those who are repentant are being sucked into deception, becoming unrepentant, through the works of Satan. God, as a perfect father, loves His children and because of that love, He allows us to experience the consequences of our actions in order to learn to increase our reliance upon Him. Wise up, my friends. God has given us the truth. It is our choice whether to accept it or not. Make the right choice.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

h/t The Washington Standard

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.

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