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Candace Owens sticks up for skeptics of COVID-19 vaccine, discusses her “terrifying” injury from HPV vaccine

Candace Owens sticks up for skeptics of COVID-19 vaccine, discusses her “terrifying” injury from HPV vaccine

(Natural News) Conservative pundit and author Candace Owens threw her support behind Americans who are skeptical of the safety of two new COVID-19 vaccines, many of whom have vowed not to take the experimental concoctions which were rushed through with only limited testing.

Owens used her ‘take no prisoners’ style to rip into critics of vaccine skeptics while questioning whether there is even a need to vaccinate against a virus that, like SARS, MERS, and swine flu before it, is on its way to burning out a year after the Chinese ‘introduced’ it to the world, LifeSiteNews reported.

Specifically, Owens recently related her “terrifying” experience with the highly controversial Merck-manufactured Gardisil HPV vaccine that “forever altered” the way she looks at all vaccines.

What’s more, now that two new COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration (vaccine approval generally takes about five years, on average), it’s extremely important for everyone to have a real pros-and-cons discussion about vaccination in general since “we are more awake as a society to the evils of the pharmaceutical industry,” which, of course, is incentivized to push for mandatory coronavirus vaccination, Owens said in a video posted to Instagram this wee

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Owens, who will deliver her first child towards the end of December, was responding to people she said asked for her opinion following a video she posted Nov. 30 asking who was “lining up for the COVID-19 vaccine?”

“How many of you guys are going to be among the first to inject this experimental vaccine, that’s been rushed, into your arms?” Owens asked at the time. “I’ve been amazed really in just seeing the power of propaganda, and if people say things enough times, people completely suspend critical thinking.”

LifeSiteNews added:

On December 11, the FDA issued an Emergency Use Authorization of the two-dose Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, which uses messenger RNA technology and has to be stored at -60 to -80 degrees Celsius. The Pfizer vaccine has also been approved in Britain, Canada, Bahrain, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

On Thursday, a panel of independent experts recommended the FDA give its approval for the emergency use of a new coronavirus vaccine developed by Moderna.

But Owens isn’t on board and she is providing oxygen for fellow COVID vaccine skeptics, including millions of Americans who are not at all on board with mandatory vaccination.

In her second Instagram video, the conservative firebrand discussed how her adverse reaction to an HPV injection changed her perspective — from a “super ignorant pro-vaxxer” who gladly accepted one on the advice of her physician to a person who is neither “explicitly pro-vaccine” or “explicitly anti-vaccine.”

Rather, she is now “pro with people using their brain and assessing the risks and evaluating whether or not it is a good idea to take a vaccine” — especially one that is still highly experimental.

She went on to note that our society considers not vaccinating our children to be the “highest crime against humanity and we don’t even have the discussion.”

“We have been such a vicious and disgusting society against moms who speak out about their children getting injured by vaccines, we treat them like they’re all crazy conspiracy theorists,” she added. “Now that I have a platform, I want to use it to support those moms and to say that I believe you. You know, I believe you because … I’ve had a vaccine. I was vaccine injured.”

Owens said her experience occurred when she was 20.

“The first time I got the first part of the [HPV] series, as soon as he gave me a shot, I passed out,” Owens explained, which left her “shaken.”

On her second dose, “as soon as they put the shot in my arm, I not only passed out again, but when I woke up, I instantly started vomiting and seizuring all over my nurse,” she explained.

Her doctors then recommended she not take the third dose.

That experience “forever altered my opinion on vaccines, meaning that I would never, ever, ever be a person that would just get the vaccine because the doctor said so,” Owens said.

“We should always pause and ask questions.”

See more reporting like this at Vaccines.news.

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