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China’s population is COLLAPSING, but the government is lying about it

China’s population is COLLAPSING, but the government is lying about it

(Natural News) In order to maintain its official status as the most populous country in the world, communist China has apparently been fudging the numbers by an over-factor of around 100 million people.

You read that right: China “overcounted,” to quote its communist leaders, the population by at least 100 million people, presumably to “look more scary and formidable,” to quote one media report.

The population lies coming out of China have apparently been a thing for a long while now. Going back many, many years, the communist regime has puffed up its population numbers and simply kept going with it until it was no longer possible to do so.

China’s excuse is that it simply made a “mistake.” But the reality is that the country’s leaders knew exactly what they were doing by telling a serious mistruth about the country’s health in terms of number of people.

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(Related: Turning everyone homosexual and “transgender” is a major component of the global depopulation plot, according to a 1969 memo.)

It is mathematically impossible for China’s population to have ever even reached one billion people

In the year 1900, China’s official population figure was just under 400 million. Between then and now, the country suffered around 464 million excess deaths, which are on top of ordinary, everyday mortalities.

And yet, we are expected to believe that China’s population today is somehow 1.4 billion-plus people, even with the country’s strict child limits, covid tyranny, and other destructive policies?

“I say it is mathematically and physically impossible,” one report states. “That it could not have happened that way.”

“I don’t think that China has 1.4 billion. I don’t think it has a billion. In fact, I have some doubt that it ever reached a billion.”

Truth be told, China’s population is crashing, just like it is in many parts of the world, including all throughout the West. And just like the West, China’s economy is shrinking and on the verge of imploding.

Why China decided to fess up, at least in part, about its fudged population numbers now more than likely has to do with its embarrassing handling of covid.

“It’s common knowledge that all of China’s efforts to remake human nature – the one-child campaign, the social credit system, COVID policies (or simply COVID, for that matter) – are on a collision course out in the center of that bleak wasteland where nations go to die,” that same report mentioned in earlier claims.

“National suicide on this scale is something that has never been seen before. What the result will be is anybody’s guess, but it can’t possibly be good.”

China is certainly not alone in the lying department, though. Our own government seems to rarely, if ever, tell the truth about anything anymore – so much so that members of both political parties are widely despised by the public.

“Kinda like Democrats, Democrat run states, Republicans and Republican run states, swamp people, our president, our congress, the head of the DOJ, the head of the FBI, our intelligence community, our chief justice of the SC, the MSM … ad nauseam,” one commenter wrote about the United States and its lying problem.

“Who doesn’t lie today? Fact is, this is the norm and totally acceptable. The truth is what is so offensive today.”

Another wrote that China, getting back to the main issue of this story, is notorious for “lying about everything, including the strength of its economy.”

“Good luck to those countries that are now trading using the yuan instead of the dollar,” this person added as a warning.

“Will this jumpstart a path to war?” asked another.

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