Chinese defector warns American Democrats: “prepare to be the victims of your own destruction”

Chinese defector warns American Democrats: “prepare to be the victims of your own destruction”

(Natural News) A survivor of former communist revolutionary Mao Zedong’s regime of terror in China is speaking out about how she fears the very same oppression she once fled is taking hold in the United States.

Xi Van Fleet, who describes herself as “Chinese by birth; American by choice. Survivor of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Defender of liberty” is making waves on social media for some tweets she fired at the Democrat Party.

Recognizing that today’s Democrats are cut from the same cloth as Mao, Van Fleet shared a bit of history about Liu Shaoqi, the former president of the People’s Republic of China who laid the tyrannical groundwork upon which Mao staged his cultural revolution.

“When surrounded by the Red Guard mobs, Liu Shaoqi tried to reason with them: ‘I am at least a citizen. Why am I not allowed to speak?’”

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This was Liu speaking at the time when he was being purged by Mao. Prior to this, Liu himself was persecuting “countless” people, Van Fleet said, ruining or ending people’s lives. And by the time Mao came along, Liu had become a victim of the very tyranny that he helped create.

“The Leftists are so committed to the destruction of rule of law & our Constitution,” Van Fleet warns. “They need to prepare to be the victims of their own lawlessness one day!”

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Those who go against God’s law and oppress God’s children will one day become the subjects of their own tyranny

It is a similar story to the one outlined in the biblical book of Esther. Haman, an official within the court of the Persian empire under King Ahasuerus, commonly identified as Xerxes, came up with a plan to destroy the Jews of Persia, only to end up in the gallows that he himself built for Mordecai and the rest of the Jews.

These are stories that today’s Democrats would do well to consider as they build the world’s largest surveillance state, and initiate their plans for a global genocide. It just might end up being the case, as Van Fleet is also promising, that these villains of modern-day America will end up succumbing to the very fate they have planned for all of us.

“I am deeply thankful,” Van Fleet tweeted about her own experience. “Today 35 yr ago, my dream came true. I was granted a student visa to come to USA. I no longer feel this is the America that I arrived in. She has been under attack by Marxism / Communism that I thought I had escaped from. That’s why I am fighting to save her!”

All throughout history, there is a pattern of wicked people who after spreading their wickedness for a time end up becoming the recipients of the very wickedness they sought to inflict on others. It happened with Liu when Mao took over; it happened to Haman in the book of Esther; and it will one day happen again to the tyrannizing globalists who seek to destroy all that is good and normal.

“As if the Republicans are not just as bad as the Democrats,” one commenter noted about how these two political parties are just opposing wings on the same bird.

“I might remind everyone it was the Republicans that gave us TSA, which shredded the 4th Amendment. It was Republicans that kept us in war in Afghanistan for 20 years. It was Republicans that murdered millions of civilians in Iraq. Republicans are just the controlled opposition in the UniParty.”

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