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Christine Ford’s Secret Tells Point To Powerful, Deeper Motive

Christine Ford’s Secret Tells Point To Powerful, Deeper Motive

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford now stands before all of America in a moment of crisis, a crisis both personal and public, as she makes her accusations of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

As a psychiatrist and forensic profiler, I specialize in interviewing people at crisis moments especially in the treatment of emotional traumas including sexual abuse.

Psychiatrists have developed a brand new way of scientifically interviewing such people because we have had a tremendous breakthrough revealing a “dazzling unconscious mind” as author Malcolm Gladwell described in his book, Blink. He described how people unconsciously quick-read themselves and key situations in the blink of an eye — super perception. But as psychiatric researchers conducting hands-on therapy we learned that this brilliant super intelligence quickly reveals what it sees by speaking “between the lines” in the language of secret tells — symbolic projections, metaphors and images.

We have a new unconscious super intelligence with super perception and super communication. It invariably tells the truth and operates on universal laws of human nature dictated by a strict moral compass while the conscious mind remains ever-prone to blind spots.

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In short, a person has two separate intelligences and two reads on themselves at any given moment — one conscious and one unconscious.

Ford’s secret tell
The great secret in interviewing is that a person secretly “interviews” — reads themselves and their motives at shocking depths — unconsciously. Their dazzling super intelligence sees the real story. The key is in listening and allowing them to talk uninterrupted then translate — decode — their secret tells.

As she comes forward, Ford is unknowingly reading herself in the blink of an eye and telling us what she sees. The fact is that she has already interviewed herself in important ways. Enough so to answer the crucial questions.

Was it a simple a case of Kavanaugh acting violently toward her 36 years ago and now she must come forward to address this abuse? Or is she unconsciously motivated by other powerful forces unrelated to the judicial nominee? Could she be unconsciously exaggerating a teenage event to project her guilt over her own personal violence onto Kavanaugh, the public figure?

Is she locating, as Jesus put it “a speck in her neighbor Kavanaugh’s eye” when the real motive is the log in her eye? This is precise way Christ characterized the unconscious mind working, as does the new science of unconscious communication. The super intelligence is far more truthful and brilliant than the conscious mind. At key moments the fault in your neighbor’s eye is symbolically your own fault — a symbolic secret tell.

Consider the accusation — Kavanaugh has assaulted her. Decoding the possible secret tell — the projection tell — the truth could be that has Ford violently assaulted others and is now unconsciously projecting that assaultive behavior onto Kavanaugh.

Jesus insisted if you don’t read secret projection tells — symbolic confession language — you miss the message. In other words, decode or remain blind.

Accuser unconsciously interviews herself
Back to Ford’s secret unconscious interview — her unconscious read on herself.
We have major communications filled with hidden messages, potential secret-tell confessions.

We have a letter from Ford, a recent interview by the Washington Post and numerous behavioral tells — often expressed through her attorney who represents a clear proxy for the accuser.

The facts are that Ford has already interviewed herself in some depth. The question is what does she see and what does her symbolic language reveal.

Here is Ford’s secret tell story — and indeed, it’s full of projection confessions

First of all, her July 30 letter to U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, requesting anonymity reflects a strong political motive. She wants to insert herself into a political process. She accuses Kavanaugh of sexual violence towards her decades ago. Consciously, her sole reason is to establish that he should not be confirmed to become a member of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Initially, she wants to remain anonymous and denies any intent to go public. Anonymity suggests symbolically that she doesn’t want to know herself — why she’s unconsciously coming forward. She’s afraid to acknowledge her deeper motives. It’s as though she’s saying, “I don’t want you to know who I am, and I don’t want to know who I am.’

What is she hiding?

After all the raucous and inappropriate Senate Democrat attacks on Kavanaugh, Feinstein comes out with this letter causing a media hullabaloo. It’s clearly a political move designed to disrupt the Kavanaugh confirmation at the last minute, breaking the Senate rules along the way. The chief political issue is abortion. The Democrats fear that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned and abortion rights denied. Without a doubt, this is Feinstein’s deepest motive and Ford’s primary personal motive.

Playing a cat-and-mouse game, Ford and Feinstein succeed in disrupting the scheduled vote. Ford insists she will remain anonymous and not give her name but quickly joins Feinstein in the disrupting process days later. Feinstein’s and Ford’s denial confessions reveal themselves as nothing more than calculated political positioning.

Ford makes a sudden appearance in a Sept. 18 interview with The Washington Post. Telling her story of an alleged assault in more detail, her narrative is packed with secret tells indicating a hidden agenda.

But her appearance is a hit-and-run job. She will consider being interviewed by the Senate, disrupting the vote the next week. Then she changes her mind and through her attorney announces she will refuse an offer to appear before the Senate. She insists that Kavanaugh must first be investigated by FBI. She wants the vote on his confirmation postponed.

Read the secret tell — Ford needs to be investigated for her deeper motives in coming forward. She needs to be investigated by the highest law authority, herself, starting with the Senate. It’s as though she’s saying, “See, my primary motive is political.” She also suggests an absolutely unforgivable violation of the laws of human nature and God’s law.

Ford is a rule breaker par excellence, continually violating the senatorial process boundaries as do the Democrats. She, through her attorney and Feinstein as her proxies, is behaving like a very aggressive disruptive person. She reflects interpersonal attacks on senators — and on American citizens. She had multiple opportunities to come forward but waited for the dramatic effect. As Lindsay Graham called it, “a drive-by shooting” — unconsciously, a far deeper tell than he knew.

But rule-breaking patterns suggest Ford is unconsciously afraid of rules and particularly afraid of being judged. Her secret tells vividly reveals why.

The central issue for the Dems and certainly for Ford: the fear that Kavanaugh will oppose abortion rights for women.

Ford reports being worried for a long time about Kavanaugh becoming a Supreme Court judge. Her behavioral tells now and then suggest she is vastly more concerned about her abortion rights than his alleged abuse of her.

The key is not about who Brett Kavanaugh is, but what he symbolizes to Ford and the Democrats regarding abortion.

What Kavanaugh symbolizes

Now to Ford’s major behavioral tells revealing her deep unconscious fear and guilt over enabling abortions. She attended the Women’s March on Washington the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration driven by one central fear — abortion rights being overturned by the new Republican administration. Obviously preoccupied, she reportedly marched wearing a pink “Pu**y Power” hat.

She removed her social media posts, implying she has much to hide about her deepest motivations.

I have demonstrated in a previous article how the Jan. 21, 2017 Women’s March on Washington was unconsciously motivated by enormous abortion guilt.

Consciously the marchers demanded their rights, but unconsciously they confessed to depriving the unborn of the right to life

As a therapist specializing in unconscious communication, I have treated women pre- and post-abortion. I never tell them what to do nor that they were wrong. I let them tell themselves in their secret tells — projection tells.

When you actually see their unconscious mind reading them in the blink of an eye, that teaches you all your need to know about how a woman really sees abortion, deep in her soul. They always tell themselves, “I am taking a life and terribly guilty.”
A pregnant pre-abortion woman will talk destruction over and over until she recognizes her secret tell on herself. She also sees her womb as a sacred home that’s breaking down. Watch her change her own mind, take a leave from therapy to deliver, and walk back in telling you first thing, “I had that baby.” An unforgettable experience.

Or in post-abortion cases, they eventually allow their severe self-judgment and guilt to lead them to seek healing. This occurs 100 percent of the time for one reason —our unconscious possesses a natural law moral compass. This has been confirmed repeatedly with other therapists who are experts in the field of the new super intelligence.

At the women’s march, the pop star, Madonna, did the same thing. Announcing that she wanted to blow up Trump in the sacred White House, her imagery confessed to her own abortion — taking a life from her own sacred womb. Her abortion is known publicly.

Ford’s violent secret tells
We come to Ford’s secret tell projections in her letter and stories.

She presents numerous violent images which suggest her deeply buried abortion guilt. It’s the key unconscious story about why she’s coming forward. She connects coming forward to her most violent image, “annihilation.”

The Washington Post reported, “By late August, Ford had decided not to come forward, calculating that doing so would upend her life and probably would not affect Kavanaugh’s confirmation. ‘Why suffer through the annihilation if it’s not going to matter?’ she said.”

That projection tell confesses that unborn children have suffered annihilation at her hands, unconsciously upending her life. She must unload her massive guilt on Kavanaugh but knows she’s wrong to affect his confirmation. Deep down this appearance would further reveal a hidden confession publicly — a way of punishing herself.

She’s suffering from annihilation trauma — her attacks on the unborn.

Then she declares in another violent tell from her abuse allegations, “I thought he might inadvertently kill me.”

Her story of an out-of-control Kavanaugh on top of her with his friend in the room laughing as Kavanaugh and his friend roll off on the floor and start scrapping with each other as she escapes doesn’t fit the murderous image. Laughing “manically” instead suggests a teenage prank.

But inadvertently killing someone suggests unconsciously killing a helpless unborn as she and the abortionist — the two of them — carry out their maniacal event oblivious and laughing at the fact that this unborn is actually a human being.

Remember, what she’s saying is her current deeper read on the events of that night now. Importantly she recalled thinking, but again talking, about the present: “I’m not ever telling anyone this. This is nothing, it didn’t happen, and he didn’t rape me.”

She suggests strongly via her hidden confession that nothing really happened. She was fully aware that she was not raped and implies not injured physically running out of the room, later down the stairs and finally running out of the house. (Her letter stating she received “medical treatment for the assault” appears possibly manipulative. She could be referring to her 2012 medical psychiatric or psychological treatment.)

Even more strongly, her own words suggest this event “didn’t happen” — that she has made it mostly up or distorted it or remains confused as to who was who.

At the same time, she’s not telling herself consciously about her rape/assault of the unborn. Not ever telling herself. As for the Kavanaugh event, this is nothing compared to what she’s doing enabling millions of unborn deaths.

She continues, “He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing.” But never did. Yet she implies her unconscious deep fear of exposure — self-awareness of what an abortion means to her surfacing.

Furthermore, Kavanaugh as a judge who might help overturn Roe vs. Wade would evoke enormous fear of exposure of her career-long violent victimization of unborns. Now her massive hidden guilt would grow even greater, far greater than any pseudo-assault by a teenager years ago.

The Post further reported, “She was terrified that she would be in trouble if her parents realized she had been at a party where teenagers were drinking, and she worried they might figure it out even if she did not tell them.”

First understand her story begins with enormous secret guilt on her part alone that night. Reading more deeply, she implies her own unconscious parental guilt over abortion — terrified that it would break into her consciousness. She has figured it all out unconsciously and is the parents on the senatorial committee and throughout the nation as to what she’s really done.

In agreeing finally to be interviewed by Congress, Ford makes the special request for assurance that she would be safe at the hearing. She’s thinking of death threats —also unconsciously of the deaths of countless unborn babies which will forever haunt her unconscious mind. Along the way, she’s simultaneously confessing that she should also make Kavanaugh safe from her attacks.

Another major tell in her story is that she depicts a violent event occurring in a house she can’t remember although she was personally there. She suggests very possibly she aborted a fetus in her own womb home or that she encouraged a close friend’s abortion. Much less the numerous other abortions she has encouraged in her marches and in her career as a therapist.

Additionally, she refers to a later period of “unhealthy relationships.” Could this include unhealthy relationships with unborns—abortions, hers or a friend’s? Unhealthy relationships suggest other powerful unresolved traumas.

Importantly, Ford never realized the alleged Kavanaugh trauma had a lasting impact on her until 2012 in psychotherapy. But easily a pro-choice therapist could miss a far greater post-traumatic stress disorder regarding abortion guilt—unconsciously displaced onto the alleged Kav incident. We know one event often covers a far deeper more powerful second trauma.

Anonymous and locked up from hidden motive
Numerous secret tells match perfectly her secret wish to keep herself from seeing her enormous guilt, remaining anonymous and unknown to herself. She’s locked up from seeing her deep-consuming guilt. Her account of the alleged incident is full of secret tell images of hiding: locked door, locking herself in a bathroom, hand over her mouth, can’t be heard yelling, didn’t talk to anyone and never told parents.

All in all, Ford’s yelling unconsciously at herself and the senatorial committee — and America — that she’s driven far and away to come forward by her guilt, not primarily Kavanaugh’s. Explaining her powerful political motive as central.

The great media myth accompanied by Dems
The mainstream media strongly supports abortion on demand — in massive denial joining people such as Dr. Ford in her denial. We see the great media myth, their secret denial tell that Ford has nothing to gain by coming forward. No hidden motives at all. The great political motive fix.

Unconsciously she has told us of her radical pro-choice attacks on the unborn. She has confessed to her enormous unconscious motivation not only to dump on Kavanaugh but stop him in the process. She completely avoids the severe guilt that’s eating her up. Now suffering from massive annihilation guilt, she can support Roe vs. Wade to keep it intact while keeping her guilt from surfacing.

In a new condition for a senate interview, Ford insists on Kavanaugh testifying first with no chance to respond to his accuser. She suggests a wish to abort his career without him speaking back—an unconscious proxy for the aborted unborn she never allows to speak.

Senators and lawyers are not trained to listen to secret tell unconscious messages and unaware of the new science. Eventually, they can learn to listen in this new day and age of the super intelligence. But for now, they should see through Ford’s cover-up trauma story and recognize her true political motive.

This political issue of pro-life vs pro-abortion is the crucial issue facing America today and the preservation of our natural law constitutional republic. The radical reactions of the media and the Dems along with Dr. Ford testify to this.

Christine Blasey Ford stands in as a proxy for liberals and the mainstream media, all run by the unconscious guilt mafia. You can run from America’s founders who insisted on the right to life per the laws of human nature. You can run from Jesus, too, along with Nature’s God, but you can’t hide forever.

Courtesy of Freedom Outpost

ANDREW G. HODGES, M.D., is a psychiatrist in private practice, a former clinical professor of psychiatry (UAB School of Medicine), and a noted forensic profiler. Experts including FBI agents believe his unique “thoughtprint decoding” method will one day become a fixture in law enforcement much as identifying fingerprints. The author of nine books, he has been interviewed extensively in the media with appearances on Fox News, CNN, ABC, MSNBC and Court TV. His website is

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