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CLAIM: Pfizer’s covid injections reportedly contain DNA contamination, cancer-causing SV40

CLAIM: Pfizer’s covid injections reportedly contain DNA contamination, cancer-causing SV40

(Natural News) Much of the conversation about the toxicity of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” centers around their use of experimental mRNA technology and toxic spike proteins. But did you know that covid injections also contain cancer-causing SV40 virus promoters?

Microbiologist Kevin McKernan tested sample vials from Pfizer’s mRNA lot, which he found contain Simian Virus 40 promoters that are known to cause cancer in humans. Since the SV40 he found was just a piece of the virus rather than the whole thing, he described them as SV40 promoters.

In case you are unfamiliar with SV40, it is a rhesus monkey kidney cell virus that was used by the pharmaceutical industry to create polio vaccines. (Related: Roughly a decade ago, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally admitted 98 million Americans were given polio injections contaminated with the cancer-causing SV40 virus.)

Both the inactivate polio vaccine (IPV) and the oral “live” polio vaccine (OPV) developed by Dr. Albert Sabin were found to contain SV40, which later prompted the passage of a federal law in 1961 prohibiting the use of SV40 in any vaccines.

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Apparently Pfizer missed the memo, though, as SV40 fragments and components were identified by McKernan in the company’s covid jabs. Perhaps this explains why cancer is a common side effect in those who got injected for covid?

World Council for Health says DNA contamination in covid jabs means a red line has been crossed

Another thing McKernan discovered in Pfizer’s covid jabs is unacceptable levels of double-stranded DNA plasmids, also known as DNA contamination. Both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections were discovered to contain this DNA contamination.

Sasha Latypova is also familiar with the presence of DNA contamination in covid injections, having told Peter Snowden during an interview that it continues to be “a huge problem because of this replication competent plasmid.

“It can then invade human cells, it can invade the bacterial cells that live in your gut,” she added. “So, they go into the bacteria they replicate there, they replicate antibiotic-resistant genes … it can cause sepsis, it can cause cancer, all sorts of issues.”

Describing this as a red line that has been crossed, the World Council for Health (WCH) issued a warning that “DNA contamination of mRNA ‘vaccines’ poses a risk to everyone on the planet.”

“Replicable DNA, so-called plasmids, in both the monovalent and bivalent vaccines, which should not be there at all … We can only speculate how it will end, but what needs to happen today after the publication of the paper by McKernan et al (2023) is an immediate stop of the ‘covid-19 vaccine’ program.”

There is a fat chance of that ever happening, but at least the notion is gaining traction. The covid so-called “emergency” is now officially over, and suddenly the government has decided that the American public should no longer get Johnson & Johnson’s (Janssen) viral vector covid injection – but Pfizer and Moderna are still distributing their respective shots.

“It’s in both Moderna and Pfizer,” McKernan explained in an interview with Conservative Review‘s David Horowitz, noting that there appears to be no quality control in the manufacturing processes for these two widely distributed injections.

“We looked at the bivalent vaccines for both Moderna and Pfizer and only the monovalent vaccines for Pfizer because we didn’t have access to monovalent vaccines for Moderna. In all three cases, the vaccines contain double-stranded DNA contamination. If you sequence that DNA, you’ll find that it matches what looks to be an expression vector that’s used to make the RNA.”

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