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Climate report from 2004 predicted “millions” of deaths, sunken cities, and nuclear war by 2020

Climate report from 2004 predicted “millions” of deaths, sunken cities, and nuclear war by 2020

(Natural News) Well, it’s officially the year 2020 according to the Gregorian calendar, and millions of people are dead from climate change. Or at least that’s what The Guardian (United Kingdom) predicted back in 2004 as part of a bogus climate report it published that year.

The left-wing paper predicted all sorts of global calamities that were supposed to have initiated the moment the ball dropped in Times Square, including European cities sinking into the ocean, nuclear war, widespread rioting, and “mega-droughts,” whatever that means.

While our world is certainly a powder keg of chaos just waiting to explode, “global warming” certainly isn’t the spark that lit the fuse. But this is what The Guardian told its readers nearly two decades ago, blaming planetary heating for an impending global catastrophe that has yet to fully materialize.

According to a “secret report” obtained by The Guardian that year, “major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020.” This secret report went on to warn that “[n]uclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world.”

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As far as we can tell, Europe is still fully intact, besides all of the Middle Eastern “migrants” that are being imported by the globalists to destroy it. Great Britain also has the same dreary, moist climate it’s always had, and can hardly be considered a Russian tundra.

As for the other stated calamities, we can see that things are reaching a boiling point in the Middle East, Australia is burning to the ground in many areas, and natural disasters abound – but is any of this actually the result of people still eating meat and passing gas? Hardly.

The political ideologies of climate fanatics are perhaps the biggest contributing factor to the impending global collapse

If anything, the leftist politics embraced by the climate crazies is the biggest factor pushing our world to the brink, not a warming planet. Instead of supporting closed borders, as one example, which would help to secure our country from foreign threats, the same leftists who suffer from climate anxiety believe that “no human is illegal,” which is contributing to the “catastrophic” future that this 2004 report predicted.

Likewise, the failure of people on the left, as well as on the right, to put an end to genetic crop modification is contributing to the mass destruction of our environment and ourselves, thanks to all of the chemical poisons being doused on our crop lands and into our water supplies.

The “‘catastrophic’ shortages of water and energy” that Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall, the two authors of the 2004 climate report published by The Guardian, warned about are similarly a product of horrid leftist policies like the push towards eliminating fossil fuels and the refusal in leftist enclaves like California to properly manage our precious water resources.

Even if Greta Thunberg were to have every one of her climate wishes granted to her by the climate gods, we’d still be dealing with hordes of leftists who support globalist policies like multiculturalism that are contributing to mass chaos not just in the United States but all across the globe – chaos that’s precipitating many of the riots, civil unrest, and wars that we’re now witnessing.

So, in a sense, The Guardian was right: 2020 isn’t looking so good from a peace and safety perspective. But is global warming to blame? No. Leftist politics are largely to blame, as is mass ignorance about the climate that has Democrats worrying about petty things like plastic straws when they should be addressing much bigger issues like toxic fluoride in our water supplies, forced vaccination, unlabeled GMOs, illegal healing plants, and our political structure’s insatiable desire to be a constant police force far outside of our borders.

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