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CNN On Capturing Roger Stone Arrest: “It Was Result Of Reporting & Interpreting Clues… It’s Called Journalism”

CNN On Capturing Roger Stone Arrest: “It Was Result Of Reporting & Interpreting Clues… It’s Called Journalism”

Riiiight! The Least trusted name in news was “Johnny on the spot” at the arrest of Trump supporter and Infowars contributor Roger Stone and we’re supposed to believe they weren’t tipped off on the timing of the arrest? Furthermore, shouldn’t we be questioning just why President Donald Trump continues to allow criminal and special counsel Robert Mueller to spend taxpayer money investigating the mythical Russian collusion of Donald Trump’s campaign only to go after anything and everything but that without any evidence? That’s what we are told to believe by the “Ministry of Truth.”

In all of this, Roger Stone had been expecting to be indicted and arrested, but I’m not sure he thought they would be arriving at his doorstep.

On Friday, President Trump tweeted, “Greatest Witch Hunt in the History of our Country! NO COLLUSION! Border Coyotes, Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers are treated better. Who alerted CNN to be there?”

CNN retorted to Trump, “CNN’s ability to capture the arrest of Roger Stone was the result of determined reporting and interpreting clues revealed in the course of events. That’s called journalism.”

No, it’s called corruption and collaboration with a known criminal, Robert Mueller.

CNN has a long history of fabricating and misrepresenting news, not reporting it.

The pre-dawn arrest at 6am of former Trump adviser Roger Stone has many wondering exactly what went on. How is it that Stone, who was not a flight risk and no threat at all, did not have his attorney notified by the FBI so that he might turn himself in rather than receiving a knock on his door?

And CNN wants us to believe that they were just “good journalists” right there, on the ground in front of Stone’s house and no other news outlet was there to cover it? I’m calling BS on this.

Stone’s neighbor tweeted, “FBI arrested my neighbor Roger before my morning jog, I’ve only seen shit like that in movies, crazy to start to my Friday.”

So, was CNN tipped off by the Mueller team or the FBI? It certainly seems so. Even some more seasoned journalists think so.

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren tweeted, “CNN cameras were at the raid of Roger Stone…so FBI obviously tipped off CNN…even if you don’t like Stone, it is curious why Mueller’s office tipped off CNN instead of trying to quietly arrest Stone;vquiet arrests are more likely to be safe to the FBI and the person arrested.”

And she wasn’t the only one who thought so.

InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson tweeted, “CNN producer David Shortell admitted that he was “waiting” outside Roger Stone’s house at 5am, an hour before FBI agents and police arrived to arrest the former Donald Trump associate.”

Jack Posobiec commented that “Perp walks are a feature of witch hunts.”

Posobiec also pointed out the blatant hypocrisy of CNN in the matter by contrasting former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who lied to Congress and was given a spot on CNN as a commentator and Roger Stone being indicted for lying to Congress and being arrested. If this doesn’t tell you that CNN is state-controlled, nothing will.

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