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CNN Pundits: ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is ‘MAGA Version’ of ‘Sieg Heil,’ Akin to Saying ‘Long Live ISIS’

CNN Pundits: ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ is ‘MAGA Version’ of ‘Sieg Heil,’ Akin to Saying ‘Long Live ISIS’

CNN pundits had a meltdown over the story of a Southwest pilot allegedly saying “Let’s Go Brandon” over his plane’s public address system and drew comparisons to ISIS and Nazi Germany.

CNN’s Asha Rangappa suggested the pilot’s alleged comments were akin to saying “Long live ISIS” before taking off.

“‘Let’s Go Brandon’ has become the MAGA version of ‘Sieg Heil,'” CNN contributor Tristan Snell said.

CNN analyst Juliette Kayyem, who recently wrote an article calling for all purebloods to be put on the No Fly List, demanded Southwest take retribution on the pilot and called for every passenger on the flight to “file a complaint with the FAA.”

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CNN analyst Joe Lockhart lambasted Southwest for not moving “faster” to punish the pilot.

“My guess is many if not most of their pilots are totally ok with it and the airline is afraid the pilots will walk,” Lockhart said. “Let that sink in.”

If this pilot said “F**k Trump” before the flight all these hacks would be celebrating.

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Article by Chris Menahan

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