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Commercial egg farm in Connecticut goes UP IN FLAMES over the weekend; more than 100,000 chickens lost as egg prices explode

Commercial egg farm in Connecticut goes UP IN FLAMES over the weekend; more than 100,000 chickens lost as egg prices explode

(Natural News) Another American food facility went up in flames over the weekend, resulting in the destruction of more than 100,000 egg-laying hens.

A massive Hillandale Farms chicken coop facility in Bozrah, Conn., caught fire on Saturday afternoon, producing a blaze and smoke plumes so large that more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene to extinguish it.

A 50-foot by 600-foot operating room at the facility on Schwartz Road is where the fire first began, according to firefighters. Crews from 16 surrounding departments were called out to fight the fire, including from the areas of Colchester, East Haddam, Salem, Gardner Lake, Lebanon, Franklin, Yantic and Sterling, Taftville, Montville, Oakdale, and Lisbon.

Because of water issues, even more tankers than originally planned had to be called onto the scene as firefighters investigated to see what may have caused the fire. The Salvation Army was also brought in to provide food and nourishment to the first responders.

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The Department of Agriculture (DoA) has been in touch with the leadership at Hillandale, though little is known about what has transpired ever since.

Fires, inflation, and tainted feed: is someone trying to destroy America’s food supply?

Hillandale might not sound familiar to the average person, but it turns out that it is one of the top-five egg producers in the United States. Across its many chicken coops, the company raises more than 20 million egg-laying birds.

The fact that one of its facilities burned to the ground is suspicious considering the fact that America is currently in the throes of an egg shortage crisis. (Related: The government is blaming “bird flu” for this lack of eggs.)

Because of insufficient feed supplies and other unknown factors, egg prices are skyrocketing in many areas of the country as the government forces some companies to kill off potentially “infected” birds suspected of having “avian flu” – and now this fire at Hillandale, which is making matters even worse.

Another factor contributing to the crisis is potentially tainted animal feed that some farmers say is causing their hens to no longer lay eggs. Wintertime in the Northern Hemisphere is already a problematic time for egg-laying, and now some farmers’ birds are no longer laying any eggs at all.

All of this is happening as fire after fire mysteriously burns down critical food supply infrastructure across the country. Dozens upon dozens of food facilities in the past several years have gone up in flames just like Hillandale did over the weekend – is it a coincidence or is this all being coordinated?

On its website, Hillandale confirmed that one chicken house was lost in Bozrah “and that no other buildings were compromised.”

“We are deeply grateful that no employees were hurt in the fire,” the company added. “Although it remains under investigation, we are working with local and state authorities to determine the cause. We appreciate the tremendous response from local fire departments for their swift action and for the continued support from across our industry.”

“Two essential amino acids for egg production have been removed from commercial feed, and it has been done intentionally and on purpose – change your feed immediately,” one commenter wrote about the Tractor Supply chicken feed scandal.

“Use local feed mills. If you have to drive, then drive and buy bulk. Lysine and methionine.”

Another wrote that what is happening to the food supply right now is reminiscent of what is talked about in Revelation 6 concerning the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

More of the latest news about what appears to be the deliberate destruction of America’s food supply can be found at

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