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Communist China exposed as entity behind Biden regime’s proposed gas stove ban

Communist China exposed as entity behind Biden regime’s proposed gas stove ban

(Natural News) It has come out that Biden regime energy secretary Jennifer Granholm met privately with the head of a communist China-connected group pushing to deindustrialize the United States not long before the White House proposed banning household gas stoves as “dangerous.”

Jules Kortenhorst, a climate fanatic who heads up the Colorado non-profit Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), participated in a roughly one-hour Zoom call with Granholm back in June 2021, about a year prior to the publishing of an RMI-funded study claiming that electric stoves are safer than and superior to gas stoves – and that the latter must be banned because of this.

Granholm’s internal agency calendar, which was obtained by the watchdog group Americans for Public Trust (APT), shows that she spoke with Kortenhorst about something private that was not made privy to the public. By all appearances, it was about gas stoves and a secret plan to outlaw them.

There was no specific agenda listed for the meeting, and the only participant other than Granholm was Kortenhorst. As APT executive director Caitlin Sutherland told Fox News Digital: “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

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“Despite calling stories about the Biden administration banning gas stoves ‘ridiculous’ and ‘not true,’ Secretary Granholm’s calendar tells a different story,” Sutherland is quoted as saying. “We’ve now learned that she consulted with the dark money group pushing to ban gas stoves.”

“Suffice it to say, ‘ridiculous’ and ‘not true’ proposals don’t ordinarily involve a meeting with the Secretary of Energy … Americans everywhere must demand Granholm and green energy extremists stay out of their kitchens.”

Granholm personally boosted RMI study on Twitter while urging Americans to swap out their gas stoves for electric

RMI’s stated agenda is to facilitate a “green” energy transition, so it only makes sense that the group put out the anti-gas stove study first cited by the Biden regime. What was not clearly stated to the American people, though, is that this special interest group is directly tied to communist China, which is pushing its own agenda.

When the study first came out, Bloomberg cited it along with comments from a member of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) who stated that a gas stove ban was “on the table.” Since then, due to widespread backlash, the White House is now denying that a gas stove ban was ever even up for consideration at all, calling the notion “ridiculous.”

“We can and must FIX this,” Granholm wrote. “Through [President Biden’s] Inflation Reduction Act, Americans will have greater access to Electric and Induction Cooktops: keeps pollution out of the home. Cooks food faster. Helps families save money.”

The Department of Energy (DoE) earlier this month proposed tightening efficiency regulations in order to make purchasing a gas stove costlier and more difficult. This goes against what Granholm tweeted about how the Biden regime’s green energy plans will somehow help “families save money.”

“One huge piece of this, of course, is making sure that we electrify and create efficiencies within the home environment,” Granholm added in a separate speech she gave during the White House Electrification Summit in December.

“This is our moment to work together to deploy, deploy, deploy, and to get to that clean energy future that we all care about.”

It turns out that RMI directly collaborated with the communist Chinese government to study what it would take to transition completely away from gas and other earth-based fuel sources. RMI only has one office outside the United States, and guess where it is located: Beijing, China’s capital city.

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