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Concealed Carry Magazine Partners with DC Dirty Laundry

Concealed Carry Magazine Partners with DC Dirty Laundry

As many of you know, DC Clothesline is in the middle of an expansion. Recently we added a second website (DC Dirty Laundry) and have started to make changes and enhancements to fight back against the censorship and the demonetization of conservative media.

Traffic is up about 40% over the last 2 months, so what we are doing is working.

But things are still tough and we are definitely in survival mode for the moment, but growing stronger every day.

Many of our readers have sent donations to help. Thank You for that. It is much appreciated and I am quite humbled.

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What is happening with all ad networks that accept conservative websites is that the networks are hurting too because of advertiser boycotts.

So I have actively been pursuing new ad partners to help us become more self-sufficient.

Today I’d like to introduce you to our newest partner and give you an opportunity to save $30 on a subscription to Concealed Carry Magazine.

-Dean Garrison, Publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry


Concealed Carry Magazine is now available at a special price to DC Dirty Laundry readers. For every subscription sold from this offer, DC Dirty Laundry receives 25% commission. So you have the opportunity today to support this website and gain valuable gun training, news and reviews at the same time.


USCCA - Click Display Images to view this email properly.

Arm yourself with the nation’s #1 publication for self-reliant Americans and save $30 instantly…

As a responsibly armed American, I know you’d do whatever it takes to protect your loved ones…

So it makes sense to arm yourself with the #1 resource for self-reliant Americans with cutting edge information brought to you by the nation’s leading experts in self-defense and concealed carry…

But if you haven’t subscribed to Concealed Carry Magazine yet, I simply wanted to take a second and remind you what value it’ll bring you…

With Concealed Carry Magazine you’ll receive:

  • Unparalleled concealed carry and self-defense training and tips from leading firearms professionals
  • Unbiased, expert gun and gear reviews
  • Powerful issues delivered right to your front door. Plus, instantly download digital issues in handy PDF format for printing or reading on your computer…
  • Intense, hard-hitting training that’s usually only reserved for those who carry a badge, from the comfort of your own home
  • Walk with confidence, knowing that if you ever find yourself in a dangerous encounter you’ll know exactly what to do and won’t freeze under pressure…
  • Each issue is more than 100 pages, full color, and printed in the USA…
  • You’ll Get Instant $30 Savings – When you claim your copy of Concealed Carry Magazine today, you’ll save $30, get free shipping, and get your magazine shipped to your front door 8 times per year

Trust me, the knowledge you’ll gain after reading this magazine and the confidence it’ll deliver isn’t something you’ll want to put off any longer…

Secure your copy of Concealed Carry Magazine today and you’ll save $30 instantly, plus get it delivered to your doorstep 8 times per year!

Concealed Carry Magazine [Save $30 Right Now]…

Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt
President | USCCA

P. S. – Your exclusive discount is only available for a limited time…

Don’t wait another day to claim this lifesaving resource…

Claim your copy of Concealed Carry Magazine Today!

Sign Me Up For Lifesaving Training [Save $30 Today]…

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