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Conservative FREE SPEECH is BACK! Introducing The “Conservative Free Speech Zone”

Conservative FREE SPEECH is BACK! Introducing The “Conservative Free Speech Zone”

There is an epic rant waiting to come out of you. Post it to Facebook and let 3 of your 1000 friends see it on their news feed, OR… Send it to us and we will put it out there for thousands to see.

We want to print your words on this website.

My name is Dean Garrison and I’m the publisher of DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry.

I’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years, sort of…

In late 2015 I started having some major health issues and in February of 2017 my son Ryker came into this world with his own set of health issues. 4 strokes for Dad and 4 heart surgeries for Ryker have passed and we are both very blessed and as healthy as we are going to be for awhile.

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So since late 2015 I’ve been very quiet and I’m not a whiner but I did have a full plate.

However, now that my family is healthy again, it’s time to get busy.

We announced an expansion back in June, and with that expansion comes a lot of reinvention.

DC Clothesline started, in late 2012, as a project from a group of conservative friends. It was a blog. It was not anything resembling a MSM news site.

Our website was designed by and our content was written by AVERAGE AMERICANS.

It wasn’t flashy, it was just real.

People loved it. We had a small group of core authors and we were had an open invitation for anyone and everyone to write for us. No rules. No censorship.

People wrote what they saw and what they were feeling.

We printed it.

There was magic in that. At one point we were one of the top sites on the internet. We were actually ranked a few hundred spots above Gateway Pundit, if you’ve ever heard of them. They’ve flown way past us in recent years, but we do have fond memories. 🙂

Then the censorship intensified and life threw my family a series of curveballs. I started relying on other conservative bloggers for content and DC Clothesline became lost in a sea of generic websites that weren’t much different than Fox News. We were just slower to the stories and had nothing really different to say. That’s a recipe for disaster.

We started losing readers and it wasn’t just the censorship. We were boring people to tears.

Why visit a site that has all the stories that Fox and Breitbart printed yesterday?

However, through the years many of our most loyal readers have stood by us and it’s now time to get back to our roots.

It’s time to let the people speak again.

Anything you are thinking or feeling about the world around you is surely shared by other conservatives. They would love to hear from you. They NEED to hear from you!

There will be no censorship based on what you think or say. Your words will be your responsibility but you have a right to share them.

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” –George Orwell

Tell it like it is. So long as you aren’t threatening criminal activity, like killing someone, or using more language than necessary (a few expletives are OK, but don’t go overboard please), I will print it (space permitting) and you will have a ready-made audience of tens of thousands of potential readers.

Try to keep it to a minimum of 150 words if you can. Put in any links you would like. If you have a business, feel free to advertise it. That doesn’t mean I want “advertorials” that contribute little or nothing to your fellow conservatives. I want good and honest content that is from the heart. That is what the conservative community responds to.

Look for more changes to come. When backed into a corner I have never believed in covering up and playing defense.

Survival is not winning.

Winning requires a little offense.

Today we start fighting back.

Today we begin to reach out again to our fellow Americans by grabbing their hearts and not letting go.

Google? Facebook? Twitter?

Censorship of conservative voices?

None of those things matter so long as we keep opening our mouths and speaking the truth.

The truth ALWAYS finds a way to win in the end.

Send me your news stories and/or opinions and keep them relevant to a conservative audience. Try to write at least 150 words (for formatting purposes) and let it rip.

Share this article with any of your loud-mouthedconservative friends and let’s get louder than ever.

The future of America depends on it.

Submissions can be sent to my email with the subject “Conservative Free Speech Zone” and please tell me if you want to use your real name or an alias. You can send a picture if you’d like but it’s not necessary. My email is:

What are you waiting for? Surely you have something weighing on your chest. Write it out and send it to me.

Your fellow conservatives are waiting to hear from YOU.

God Bless You My Fellow Patriot,

Dean Garrison

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