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CONVID-1984: ICU Nurse Warns “You’re Being Lied To About COVID” (Video)

CONVID-1984: ICU Nurse Warns “You’re Being Lied To About COVID” (Video)

The woman speaking in a recently released video is named Nicole. She is an ICU nurse, who has been a COVID crisis travel nurse since April of 2020. She says that she made the video because she believes there are many who still don’t know the information she is sharing.

Take a look.

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While she does provide some of the drugs that are aiding many people suffering certain symptoms, chlorine dioxide is not mentioned, which is 100% effective with no adverse side effects and is not a drug, but a natural compound and costs pennies to treat and prevent lots of sicknesses.

PICK UP CHLORINE DIOXIDE HERE and see the links below on the scientific study and how it has been used, along with helpful links and resources in those links on various protocols concerning CD use.

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The nurse also tells the truth about the PCR tests and the lies about the “cases,” as well as government incentives to put people in the hospital and give them things they didn’t need or manipulate the truth… plus lots more!

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