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Corporate tyrant Amazon uses CIVIL FORFEITURE to bankrupt families, seize all their assets for 2 years, with no crime charged

Corporate tyrant Amazon uses CIVIL FORFEITURE to bankrupt families, seize all their assets for 2 years, with no crime charged

(Natural News) A man who worked for Amazon for seven years lost every penny he and his wife had saved because he allegedly deprived Amazon of his “honest services,” although Amazon never disclosed what that entails. Are you not giving 110 percent effort, in their opinion, to your corporate employer? Expect the FBI, on behalf of monster corporations, to seize every penny you’ve ever saved, and threaten you with expensive federal court proceedings if you don’t “settle.”

That’s right, Amazon and the FBI are conspiring together to DESTROY families and seize all their assets for two years, without any real legal case or charges, and then just return the money two years later with no explanation. In other words, the FBI, who raided the Nelson home and seized all of their assets for two years, acts as the enforcement arm of the corporate tyrants.

Man works for Amazon for 7 years, suddenly he’s not giving them his “honest services” so they seize his entire family’s assets, including wife’s retirement funds

Mr. Nelson, a man who worked for Amazon for seven years, and who has NOT been charged with a crime, lost all of his savings for 22 months, including his wife’s own savings and retirement money, and she has NOTHING to do with Amazon. This was all based on Amazon’s opinion of what they claim is “honest work.”

Amazon, the communist company that supports riots, the sale of toxic products, and other horrific ventures too numerous to name, now functions in tandem with the corrupt FBI to raid homes, seize assets and terrorize innocent Americans, any time they want, and for any made-up reason.

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This couple was not even allowed to see Amazon’s allegations (they’re sealed by the FBI), so they couldn’t even contest the seizures with any kind of judicial proceeding to recover any of their money.

FBI and Amazon SEIZED nearly $900,000 from the Nelsons

Though Mr. Nelson’s wife is not even named in the Amazon civil suit, and the Nelson’s lawyers say Amy was not identified as a “target” or “subject” of the FBI investigation, the FBI still froze all of her savings (she’s an attorney) and her retirement accounts.

This is just the latest example of tyranny (under the lawless guise of civil forfeiture) in America where state and federal governments have seized nearly $70 billion from Americans in the last 20 years. Proceeds fund law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, so they have more power to seize more assets. It’s like giving bank robbers badges and awards so they can keep stealing.

Due to the pandemic, everything got delayed even more, while the FBI stalled discovery by claiming it would “have an adverse impact on a pending criminal investigation.” In other words, the FBI doesn’t want the public knowing they’re in cahoots with Amazon, who seizes the assets of any employees who don’t give their “honest work” at the sweat shop and slave ship known as the world’s largest online shopping mall.

Will Facebook follow “suit” (pun intended) and start raiding their employees’ savings and retirement funds for workers who don’t do their very best every day? No retirement for you should you criticize the globalist monopolies.

No indictment has been issue, but the case is “actively proceeding” so Amazon and the FBI can hold onto their money

The Nelsons had to sell their home last month and can’t even pay their income taxes because the seizure took that money too, according to the court filing. Maybe the IRS will jump in now and jail the couple for owing taxes, since the FBI and Amazon seem to be able to function above the constitution and American’s rights.

Small businesses all across the country are being seized, bankrupted and shut down for good by these flagrant court filings, including millions in assets from over 50 companies during the pandemic. This includes Nelson’s wife’s business called the Riveter, which is a modern union of women striving for equity of opportunity… so much for that.

You won’t read about this in mainstream news, because it shows how evil Amazon really is. Stay tuned and stay frosty. Tune your internet to for huge swaths of truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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