CULT: Microsoft employees programmed to introduce themselves not by name but by race, gender pronouns

(Natural News) The Microsoft corporation has adopted new “woke” policies whereby company employees now identify themselves to each other based on their race, skin color and gender identity.

Two circulating videos that you can watch below depict company presentations in which employees are seen acting out the new policies for viewers to take in and adopt. WARNING: These videos are truly dystopian.

While it could be that including some of the descriptors about physical characteristics was simply meant to help those with blindness, Microsoft’s decision to also have its employees share their “gender pronouns” was clearly a virtue signaling move to push “progressive” politics.

“Hello, everyone,” states the woman in the first video. “I’m a Caucasian woman with long blonde hair and I go by she / her.”

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The man she is talking to then responds in kind following her introduction, describing himself as a “Caucasian man with glasses and a beard, I go by he / him.”

First of all, no normal person talks this way. In fact, only someone who has been programmed into a mindset of political correctness would ever even think to introduce himself or herself by describing hair color and personal pronouns.

Microsoft: You’re making a fool of yourself

If you already watched both videos, then you know it gets even worse. In the second one, an Asian woman is seen introducing herself along with a lengthy disclaimer about the native origins of the land in Washington state upon which the Microsoft campus sits.


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“First, we want to acknowledge that the land where the Microsoft campus is situated was traditionally occupied by the Sammamish, the Duwamish, the Snoqualmie, the Suquamish, the Muckleshoot, the Snohomish, the Tulalip, and other coast Salish peoples since time immemorial – a people that are still here continuing to honor and bring to light their ancient heritage,” she states before launching into the subject matter.

What Microsoft’s ultimate goal is with this bizarre and rather creepy new format is unclear. Is the company trying to program all of society to behave in such a manner when interacting with others?

“This is right out of some sci-fi dystopian horror film where they transgender all the children and inject us with the Mark of the Beast as part of some Techno-Satanic cult,” was one Citizen Free Press commenter’s reaction to these two videos.

It makes sense in light of all the other craziness we are witnessing, much of it ramping up to a fever pitch ever since the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) appeared.

The worst kind of sci-fi fiction has suddenly become a reality, thanks to the plandemic. And now we are witnessing the attempted overthrow of what little normalcy remains with the spread of this kind of propaganda.

“They forgot to give a shout-out to their leader, Satan,” joked another.

At the very least, Microsoft is demonstrating its corporate culture of utter foolishness with these ridiculous displays. Instead of cultivating normal humanity, the company is clearly trying to turn its workforce into mindless zombies who rattle off a politically correct script every time they interact with another person.

“Useless drones at Microsoft,” wrote another. “One more dead company walking.”

“This is so creepy, it’s Stepford,” pointed out yet another. “They try to come off as inclusive and friendly, but it’s so scripted that it looks robotic with AI trying to give them human personalities.”

An older commenter thanked the Lord that she was born in an earlier generation when people were still human – “walking, living, working and breathing all around me in society,” she wrote.

“I had their influence and inspiration and their examples all around. My greatest fear is for my children and grandchildren living in this world. Only God can save us, now.”

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