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Dear American taxpayers: The CDC is now spending $5,000 of YOUR money on every “minority” who gets “vaccinated” for COVID

Dear American taxpayers: The CDC is now spending $5,000 of YOUR money on every “minority” who gets “vaccinated” for COVID

(Natural News) Large fleets of federally funded buses equipped with vaccination equipment are now roving the country in search of unvaccinated “minorities” to bribe into getting injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to reports, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded a $6 million grant to teams in six states that are tasked with persuading visitors to the bus to roll up their sleeves for quick DNA modification with a Fauci Flu shot.

This $6 million came from American taxpayers, of course. And so far, about 1,200 minorities have been convinced to take the jabs, which amounts to a cost of $5,000 per minority who complies.

Led by the University of Florida (UF), the program includes eight participating universities that all share the same goal of injecting rural and minority communities that have not yet received the doses of deadly spike proteins as ordered by the government.

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Catherine Striley from UF, who is overseeing the project, said that the areas targeted are places “where health care skepticism is common and vaccination rates are low,” according to a prepared statement from UF Health, which is the university’s medical network.

Establishment will not stop until every last human body is “fully vaccinated”

In addition to injecting minorities, these bus crews are also “testing” them with invasive and fraudulent PCR testing swabs. Some 2,600 minorities thus far have gotten long cotton swab sticks jammed up their nasal cavity to search for Fauci Flu germs, reports said. These nasal swabs are actually being used by the CDC to sequence people’s genomes.

There are also “educational materials” being spammed all over these minority communities that contain propaganda about the dangers of getting “infected.” At the many planned events that have taken place so far, some 260,000 people in total have received this propaganda.

At UF in Gainesville, a program called “Our Community, Our Health” aims to indoctrinate black and brown people into being so scared about catching the Fauci Flu that they do whatever they are told in terms of taking all of the injections, including the “boosters.”

A UF Health statement indicates that part of the program in Gainesville involves setting up mobile clinics in buses that “meet community members where they are,” meaning they are being sent to people’s houses, workplaces or even places of worship to harass them into getting injected.

All throughout North Central Florida, these roving buses are traveling to “target communities” to distribute both the indoctrination materials and the injections. The goal is to massively boost jab rates in areas with “high vaccine hesitancy rates.”

It turns out that the CDC has set aside a whole lot more than just $6 million for this project. Some $156 million in total has been set aside to help “improve adult vaccination access and increase vaccination rates.”

All of that money could be used to, you know, purchase food and other actual necessities for people who are struggling amid record inflation, broken supply chains and staggering wages. Instead, the CDC is spending it on experimental death injections that are making Big Pharma and its shareholders filthy rich.

The CDC’s PANDEMIC (Program to Alleviate National Disparities in Ethnic and Minority Immunizations in the Community) grant program is intended to increase “vaccine equity,” according to the programs printed materials.

Groups that may experience “immunization disparities” in racial and ethnic minorities are at the top of the list for targeting. These include rural communities, migrant farmworkers, Native Americans, Hispanics, Blacks, and people who self-identify as being part of the LGBTQ+ community.

“Take the buses to the border!” said one reader at the Epoch Times. “I can’t believe the hypocrisy!”

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