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Death by Death, Track the Spread of the Coronavirus Here

Death by Death, Track the Spread of the Coronavirus Here

Sites deliver real-time view of the deadly virus

(The following from Natalie Gagliordi written for Between the Lines)

The Center for Systems Science and Engineering has launched an online dashboard that is tracking the spread of the deadly coronavirus as it makes its way across China and beyond.

The live dashboard pulls data from the World Health Organization (WHO) — as well as the centers for disease control in the US, China and Europe — to show all confirmed and suspected cases of coronavirus, along with recovered patients and deaths. The data is visualized through a real-time graphic information system (GIS) powered by Esri.

The above is a good example of tech tracking that benefits society instead of spying on it for personal gain (and worse)

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The Real Number of Coronavirus Victims is Far Larger Than You Are Being Told

Wuhan City, China, appears to be the center of this virus outbreak. If you believe ChiCom propaganda, it’s only killed 133 people as of late this week. Some reports from on the ground set that number at many times greater. The quarantine went into effect too late to contain everyone, and at least two million people left the city for the Chinese New Year, spreading across Asia, Europe, and North America.

Bats, Gene Editing and Bioweapons: Recent DARPA Experiments Raise Concerns Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

As of Wednesday, there have been five confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States. In addition to those five patients, US health officials are currently monitoring 110 people across 26 states for the virus. Those infected with coronavirus are exhibiting pneumonia-like symptoms, including fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Other sites tracking the coronavirus:

Additional resources for tracking the virus include this page from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and another from the WHO. These websites list up to date news on the spread of the virus as well as situation reports and maps of infected areas. Researchers from the University of Oxford, Harvard Medical School, Boston Children’s Hospital and Northeastern University have also launched a virus tracking website with real-time updates.

CONFIRMED: Infected Coronavirus Carriers Now “Shedding Virus Without Symptoms” – Lancet Study

Dr. Nancy Messonnier, the director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, said Monday that the public risk in the US right now is still considered low.

“We understand that many people in the United States are worried about this virus and how it will affect Americans,” Messonnier said. “Every day we learn more, every day we assess to see if our guidance or our response can be improved.”

Over the Last 7 Days, Coronavirus Infections Have Increased 1000% … What Happens Next?

Check the links to the database maps and stay current. Don’t go out in public any more than you have to until this problem has been resolved.

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