Declassified FBI Files: Frank Sinatra was a sex trafficker and 7 other articles from our sister site

Hi all. We are still expanding as quickly as we can and things are going well on both of our websites.  Traffic is growing like crazy.

Again today we had so much content to get out that we had to split the articles between the two sites. There is only 1 article in common today. The below articles are what you will miss if you don’t visit DC Clothesline today.

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Trending: The Democrats Were Founded by Racists and Their REAL Intent is to EXTERMINATE the African-American Population

Dean Garrison

FBI declassified files: Frank Sinatra was a sex-slave trafficker and used mobster ties to get JFK elected

The People of Venezuela are Starving. Why Did Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn Support Their Oppressors?

Congress Hid Illegal Legislation in Farm Bill to Further Support Horrific Genocide in Yemen

How to stop giving rogue government CONSENT to violate your rights and turn you into a felon

Democrats Are Drooling Over 2 New Legal Developments That They Believe Could End The Trump Presidency

VA Worker: 1-Posted Memes, 2- Got FBI Visit, 3- Sent to Psych Ward, 4-Lost 2A Rights, 5-May Be Fired

Judicial Watch President to Congress: “Clinton Foundation Was Vehicle For Foreign Nationals & Foreign Governments To Influence Secretary Of State”

GOP War Plan for 2020: Lose The Election


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