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Dems Want to Hang the Last Innocent Man in Washington

Dems Want to Hang the Last Innocent Man in Washington

Damn, there must be something!

I wonder, at what moment exactly, the leaders of the Deep State realized President Trump wasn’t going to be a candidate for blackmail and coercion? We have read emails from Justice and Intelligence looking for what they believed was a hidden closet packed with skeletons. Failing that, they decided to create traps, hoping Donald Trump or one anyone in his administration would wander into one.

Comey tried his trickery to no avail so he used manufactured evidence for FISA warrants to illegally monitor members of the president’s administration. They even considered wearing a wire to “catch” the tricky scoundrel.

As Impeachment Flounders, Trump & McConnell Are Transforming The Liberal 9th Circuit Into a Court Our Founders Would be Proud of

Peter Strzok and Lisa Paige devised a fall-back “insurance plan” in case nothing else worked. Trump had to go; there had to be something they could find. All Strzok found was divorce papers sitting on his desk, and a note from Lisa saying he was a lousy lay.

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Robert Mueller (aka: Don Quixote) was sent out to charge the windmills; his posse of fools spent thirty million taxpayer dollars on this “impossible dream.” The result was to discover that the president was innocent-damnably so!

Flashback Video: Schumer in 1998 We Are Using Criminal Accusations to ‘Win the Political Battles We Cannot Settle at the Ballot Box’

The MSM sent out droves of investigators, even before the election, only to come back with nothing more than a few tawdry tales. Of course, that didn’t stop them from hypothesizing out loud—every day and night for three years.

We’ve seen strippers and shyster lawyers, out-of-work British spies, and an assortment of foreigners whose names I don’t have time to look up. Other than some entertaining stories, what did we learn?

Pelosi’s Impeachment Charade is Nothing More Than a Juvenile Insult

Googly-eyed Adam Schiff rushed to any camera with a blinking red light and waved around a well-worn blank memo which supposedly contained, in disappearing ink, proof that President Trump had colluded with Russia. His gal-pal, Nancy Pelosi, urged her prodigy on. After all, there HAD to be something! All they had to do was look in the mirror as proof there was corruption everywhere.

Little Jerry Nadler’s committee also came up empty, but not before the esteemed Robert Mueller babbled his way through testimony on a report he clearly didn’t write. Nadler papered Washington with subpoenas for “anyone…anyone at all” who would make crap up about President Trump.

Fellow Soldiers Call Out Schiff’s Star, Lt. Col. Vindman For “Pushing A Coup”

Failing all of that, with a few tweaks to whistleblower protection and congressional policies, Pelosi and Schiff ginned up a play-like, “almost” impeachment inquiry to hang the innocent bastard! Even that has turned on them as an avalanche of REAL corruption by their cohorts has buried their laughable narrative.

“UNBELIEVABLE!” screams the Deep State chorus. “NO ONE in Washington is innocent!”

On a quiet night, in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial, you can hear the pounding of hammers as the gallows is being erected. They know they’d better hang someone!

After all, there is no greater crime, in our Nation’s Capitol, than integrity.

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David Brockett is a Vietnam Veteran and former Marine aviator. He writes fiction and historical fiction, as well as articles on politics, religion, gun-rights, preparedness, and current events.

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