Deranged Leftists now want to ban company-owned cafeterias to FORCE employees to go out to local restaurants… all in the name of “fairness” of course

(Natural News) A couple of politicians in the California city of San Francisco have decided that corporate employees shouldn’t be allowed to eat lunch at company cafeterias where they work, but should instead be forced to eat out at local restaurants in order to boost support for the local economy.

According to San Francisco Supervisors Ahsha Safai and Aaron Peskin, both of whom are co-sponsoring new legislation towards this end, banning workplace cafeterias like the ones currently found at both Google and Apple headquarters represents a “forward thinking” move, and one that everyone should embrace.

The proposed new law would basically change local zoning laws to disallow companies from even having workplace cafeterias, making it illegal for them to have “industrial kitchens” inside their office buildings. As a result, employees would be forced to leave their company campuses and find local shops to grab a bite during their lunch breaks.

Not at all shocking is the fact that the Golden Gate Restaurant Association is in full support of the proposal, as it would essentially lead to government-mandated patronizing of its members’ restaurant establishments by employees throughout the city.

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This is the intended goal, anyway – the assumption of the bureaucrats behind this ridiculous legislation being that all corporate employees will willingly waste their precious lunch break time trekking across the city in search of the trendiest new “farm-to-fork” eateries.

While San Francisco loses tens of millions of tourism dollars due to rampant homelessness and feces-ridden sidewalks, its legislators are busy banning straws and cafeterias

It is somewhat perplexing that San Francisco’s politicians are spending their time and resources targeting things like plastic straws and company cafeterias when the city’s largest industry, tourism, is seeing major declines due to rampant homelessness, high crime rates, and feces-ridden sidewalks.

As we recently reported, a major medical convention has actually decided to stop holding its events in San Francisco because attendees are disgusted with the city’s decline and no longer feel safe there – a decision that will cost the city more than $40 million in lost economic activity annually.


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One would think that San Francisco’s leaders might be a little bit more concerned with cleaning up the city’s streets, ending its “anything goes” policy of open drug use in city parks, dealing with the homeless epidemic, and addressing the fact that more than 31,000 vehicle thefts occur throughout San Francisco annually.

But no, that would be too rational and common sense. San Francisco would rather forcibly eliminate the freedom of companies to provide food for their employees, as well as control what company employees are allowed to eat. It’s the epitome of libtard insanity – especially because it likely won’t even work anyway, and will only end up harming San Francisco’s already flailing economy even more.

“Part of the allure of on-site cafeterias is the cost and convenience. You can get a good meal just steps away from your desk,” writes Tom Knighton for PJMedia.com.

“If you take that away, [employees are] not going to flock to sit-down restaurants in the city where there’s going to be a rush, possibly a wait for seating, then a wait for food. Those are all things that take away that time from the workers. Instead, they’ll grab fast food just to avoid being rushed.”

In the end, large companies that currently reside in San Francisco may simply choose to relocate elsewhere where there are fewer restrictions on the perks they’re allowed to offer their employees. If they don’t, they could end up losing many of their employees, which simply isn’t good for business.

“It’s well past time that governments stop trying to regulate people into the behavior they want,” adds Knighton. “Not only does this hurt tech companies like Twitter, it also doesn’t help the restaurants like these lawmakers think it will. It just pisses people off.”

See more example of left-wing insanity and derangement at Libtards.news.

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