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Disease, disorder, and modern-day SLAVERY heading to U.S. from Mexico, Central America and South America

Disease, disorder, and modern-day SLAVERY heading to U.S. from Mexico, Central America and South America

(Natural News) Here they come in droves, thanks to the open-border policy installed by Obama and promoted by every Democratic-socialist-communist nut-job gunning for political status and new positions this fall. The Democrats want more illegal voters for their desperate win to regain the House and Senate, and they want new broke slaves working on their “plantations” while begging for more “free stuff,” like healthcare, a driver’s license, future amnesty, and of course some food credits.

The caravan of 15,000 refugees could be harboring diseases, parasites, pathogens, STD’s, and yes, criminals and terrorists. Still, the Democrats don’t care, because it’s all about regaining power and control over a country they believe would be better off without borders, police, prisons, or private businesses.

Diseased Caravans: Remember the tuberculosis epidemic in Minnesota from the refugees just a few years ago?

In a shocking report from 2014, nearly every fourth refugee who settled in Minnesota tested positive for tuberculosis, a dangerous, infectious bacterial disease that affects the lungs and can spread from one person to another via sneezes and coughs. The Democrats like these kinds of outbreaks though, because that promotes forced vaccination, and that’s another form of nanny-state tyranny used as a revenue tool, along with mass media fear-mongering and propaganda.

Plus, most vaccines are loaded with neurotoxins and known carcinogens, which fuels the sick-care-industrial-complex, adding to the chaos that “demands” bigger government to “save” the sheeple from all the ironically “imported” problems.

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Big Food corporations and the biotechnology giants, like Monsanto/Bayer, Syngenta, Dow, Dupont, and Cargill, absolutely love the “slave labor” they can take advantage of when Mexican, Central American, and South American migrants come to this country and work in the genetically modified corn, soy, canola, and cotton fields like slaves (for minimum wages at best) while contracting cancer and dementia from all the chemical pesticides.

Abducted children a huge problem during mass illegal immigration attempts

Another major issue that the Democratic-led mass media never covers is the fact that many children who involuntarily take part in these mass illegal migrations never even make it to America, as they’re abducted, raped, and often killed, or sold into sex slavery by gangs and “coyote” thugs.

Uneducated and naive migrant parents think that they might be giving their children a “better life” if they take a chance and let some strangers “taxi” their kids to the border, only to find out they’ll never see those kids again, and that better life will most likely turn into the worst nightmare ever. In fact, the entire caravan heading to the U.S. now has halted due to a child abduction of this very nature.

The U.S. will look like a third world country if the Democrats regain power

Every year for the past three decades, at least 70,000 refugees have been “resettled” in the U.S. by the federal government. It is not uncommon for these folks to carry diseases with them, including whooping cough, diphtheria, tuberculosis, shingles, and measles. The irony of the whole “abolish ICE” propaganda is that the very people who promote a border-free world are endangering themselves and their own children by welcoming diseased migrants into the country. So much for “herd immunity” theories being effective, huh? How can you blame the unvaccinated for your problems when you welcome the unvaccinated with open arms and open borders?

The fact is, illegal immigrants bring with them a twenty percent higher chance of carrying infectious diseases than U.S. citizens would incur otherwise. Plus, since these immigrants are often malnourished and poor (at least at first), that means they’re probably buying fast food and drinking tap water, adding to their own health chaos and that of those who come into contact with them.

So, when the 15,000+ person migrant caravan of illegal aliens reaches the U.S. border, and the Democratic press are snapping photos right and left of the “tortured” children who are supposedly separated from their parents and man-handled by those “evil” ICE police and our National Guard troops, remember that you and your family might just be getting spared disease, disorder, rape and terrorism.

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