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Documents reveal Dutch government is colluding with WEF to collapse the food supply and unleash the Great Reset

Documents reveal Dutch government is colluding with WEF to collapse the food supply and unleash the Great Reset

(Natural News) Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request submitted by a member of the Dutch House of Representatives revealed that the Dutch government is colluding with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to implement the Great Reset.

Pepijn van Houwelingen, a member of the Dutch House of Representatives, asked 42 questions that led to the release of the documents. The documents, which circulated on Twitter, indicated that the Dutch government was involved in discussions focused on shaping policies post-COVID-19 under the theme “the Great Reset.”

These documents also expressed that the Dutch government’s “contribution to the work of the Great Reset is especially critical at the annual meeting.”

Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Tom De Bruijn provided answers to van Houwelingen’s questions 10 and 12.

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De Bruijn’s response included seven sets of attachments consisting of WEF correspondence with: Prime Minister Mark Rutte (2016-2021); Foreign Affairs Minister Koenders, Minister Zijlstra and Minister Blok (2017 – 2018); Minister Ploumen, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Minister Kaag and Minister De Bruijn (2016-2021); Public Health, Welfare and Sport Minister Schippers and Medical Care and Sport Minister Bruins (2016-2021); Economic Affairs and Climate Minister Wiebes and Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality Minister Schouten (2019-2021); Finance Minister Hoekstra (2017-2021); and Infrastructure and Water Management Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen, State Secretary Van Veldhoven and State Secretary Van Weyenberg (2019-202

The Netherlands is funding food innovation hubs

Meanwhile, leading European food innovation hub Foodvalley said in an article that the Netherlands is proud to host the Global Coordination Secretariat (GCS) for the worldwide network of food innovation hubs.

“It was great to have support for the initiative by Foodvalley members Mengniu Dairy, DSM and Unilever this week at the online WEF Davos panel session on the transformation of food systems,” said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in January.

More than 20 organizations are already working together as Food Innovation Hubs in Colombia, India, Europe, Southeast Asia and several other countries in Africa. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has also provided multiyear support for the development of a food innovation hub in India. Several private and public sector partners have committed in-kind resources to support the development of the hubs in different regions.

What Foodvalley did not mention, however, is that the Netherlands is planning to fund the said hubs. (Related: Livestock producers now just DAYS away from running out of animal feed due to supply chain disruptions.)

It also failed to mention that the initiative has “special attention for development and implementation of key enabling technologies.” This included digitalization, artificial intelligence, internet of things, biotechnology and micro- and nanotechnology in the agri-food sector.

The Dutch government also wrote a letter to WEF “on behalf of the Dutch Ministers of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and Agriculture, Nature and Food quality together with the Regional Food Agency Oost NL” before the official signing of the letter of intent.

“We strongly believe that establishing the GCS in the Netherlands will be mutually beneficial and proof of great benefit to the efficacy and impact of the global network of food innovation hubs,” the letter stated.

This letter of intent was signed by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Eric Weibes back in December 2020, and by WEF on January 5, 2021.

Other things cited in the letter include the Dutch innovation and agricultural policy, which are very much in line with the topics considered crucial by the WEF for food system transformation.

The letter of intent also stated that the outcome for both participants would include the establishment of the WEF GCS in the Netherlands. In May 2021, Wiebes granted WEF funding of EUR 651,000 ($652,419) to establish and develop the GCS in the Netherlands.

Dutch farmers to suffer because of Netherlands-WEF collusion

By following the recommendations of WEF and going through with the proposed nitrogen policy to meet greenhouse gas emission targets, the Netherlands will have to slash livestock numbers by 30 percent, hitting farmers hard in some provinces.

With nitrogen being labeled as a pollutant, it is used as a decoy by the WEF to put farmers out of business and take control of the food supply. (Related: Fertilizer price hikes prompt soaring food prices and global shortages.)

With the Dutch government following the recommendations of the WEF, farmers and truckers realize that the globalists are trying to take their land and control food supply. And those that control the food supply control the population completely, said Michael Yon, a war correspondent currently on-ground in the Netherlands to cover farmer protests.

Dutch farmers know that if they lose, they will also lose their livelihood, and the consequences of their losses will be felt for many generations.

“The farmers are rising up. They know they’re going to be put out of business … which would put all of Europe on its knees,” Yon said.

Visit for more information on how the WEF plans to control the food supply.

Watch the video below to know more about the WEF Great Reset agenda and how Dutch farmers are being affected by it.

This video is from the InfoWars channel on

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