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Don’t Mess With God! The Seven Plagues of Communist China

Don’t Mess With God! The Seven Plagues of Communist China

Some Old Testament Smackdown

Depending on your religious background you may, or may not, remember the plagues of Egypt that befell the Pharaoh until he allowed the Israelites to leave. I’m guessing Xi must feel a little bit like the Old Testament Pharaoh, as calamity after calamity befalls his reign as China’s Central Party president.

To communists there is no God but the state, and Deities are not allowed to influence the party faithful. Religion is to be countered in any form. One of Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution goals was the eradication of all religion.

Xi is certainly doing everything he can to accomplish that goal. Intensifying religious persecution of Christians and creating a new translation of the Bible, bringing it in line with Communism.

Thus, the Plagues are falling upon their heads

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You can’t have a good biblical story without a central character working on behalf of God. Now, it may be pretty difficult to see Donald Trump as a savior come down out of the heavens, but he is the first president in many decades to sincerely promote Judeo-Christian values.

Whether it’s his stance on abortion, or his determination to stop Muslims from destroying Israel, he stands tall with an unshakeable faith in God and this nation.

Plague One

President Trump’s election was Xi’s first test. The Chinese could no longer count on buying political and economic loyalty from Washington. Trump campaigned on reworking bad trade agreements, and he followed up immediately upon taking office.

Plague Two

By taking a hard line on trade with China, Trump forced them to come to his terms, or pay dearly with tariffs. As Xi dragged his feet hoping Trump would be curtailed, or our economy would suffer from the tariffs (it didn’t), China’s economy began to tank. Eventually they gave in to Trump’s “America First” demands.

Plague Three

Enter the Army Worm and its Moth which has decimated hundreds of thousands of acres of corn and sugar cane. This creature can fly sixty miles in a night, carrying with it total destruction of crops. Xi was too slow to respond and now it has to run its course, forcing China to import almost all of their corn from the US.

Plague Four

African Swine fever has killed over half the pig population in the country. Pork is a staple for China, and they have had to kill hundreds of thousands of these animals to try and keep it contained. Once again, they are now having to import pork from the US and other nations.

Plague Five

Rebellion in Hong Kong spreading to the mainland is one of the Central Party’s biggest fears. The Democracy movement threatens the foundation of the Communist Party. Once their people taste freedom, it will be hard to bring them back. The internet and social media make it impossible to completely contain the movement.

Few outside of China realize this, but China depends on their military strength more to control their own people, than for defense. As long as there is a modicum of contentment among their 1.4 billion people, the Party is safe. Add stresses like we’ve already mentioned, and you have a potential powder keg.

Plague Six

Coronavirus is bringing sickness and death as it spreads across all of China and neighboring communist countries, revealing how inept, dishonest, and powerless the Central party is. By now the Chinese people realize it was their own government, not a food market, responsible for this killer virus escaping.

As the pandemic worsens, the government has increased controls over the populace. Meanwhile, government goons have been looting village markets, taking what few supplies remain, and causing more discontent and rage.

Plague Seven

Unemployment and hunger have followed their faltering economy. Transportation of goods across China is restricted and villages have become isolated, creating scenarios like what came to light this week as scientists sell lab animals to people for food.

With no work for their people, and no goods to export, China will have to come up with the money to bail out their industries and either forgive individual debts or suffer massive bank defaults.

Consequences of the Coronavirus are coming to light. The American people (and the world) now realize how dependent they are on China for pharmaceuticals and other products. This will lead to an immediate drawback of manufacturing to the US and other countries, something President Trump has advocated from day one.

Trump outraged that his order to leave coronavirus-infected Americans in quarantine aboard luxury liner IGNORED as they were flown back to the USA, cross-infecting other air passengers

Chinese officials loot local stores for supplies, leaving citizens empty handed… this same scene may be coming to your nation soon

7 NWO Agendas Accompanying the Coronavirus Outbreak

Add the world-wide economic devastation brought on by this pandemic—the weeks lost in Chinese manufacturing and exporting materials to other dependent nations, and what will evolve is a decentralization of manufacturing—away from China.

China’s “Belt and Road” plan, luring other nations into financial dependence, won’t work without the wealth to pull it off. For at least a decade China will be tightening its belt on a long road to recovery as they watch billions of dollars in potential trade go out the window.

Imagine what kind of shape the US would be in during the global crisis, had Hillary Clinton been president!

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David Brockett is a Vietnam Veteran and former Marine aviator. He writes fiction and historical fiction, as well as articles on politics, religion, gun-rights, preparedness, and current events.

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